Ladies And Gentlemen…Meet Andrew Wiggins

Posted: July 2, 2013 by woody in Sports
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So a little while ago I put up a video of incoming freshman Aaron Gordon cramming on some dude. In that article, I mentioned how many people were picking him to be win Freshman of the Year. Well, fuck all those idiots, here’s a look at who I guarantee will win Freshman of the Year: Andrew Wiggins.


People say all the time that “his head was above the rim”, when really its just barely at the rim, or sometimes not even at the rim. This dude is literally above the rim. Like way above. He gets so high he could cock slap the rim if he wanted to. Dude has some serious bunnies. And with his size, strength, and athleticism, he is going to be one hell of a basketball player. In all honesty, you’re probably looking at the best high school prospect since some guy by the name of Lebron James. Wiggins is that good. Just because he’s that good, here’s a look at some of his other highlights.


Kansas is going to be an immediate contender for the winning the national championship the second that he first steps foot on their court. God I can’t wait for college basketball season.


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