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Well that’s one way to spend your Sunday afternoon waiting for the late games to start. I’ll let Kevin Harlan take it from here.

With no regard for human life is right. Absolute power move. Never really understood the whole tossing salad thing personally. I guess getting your buttonhole licked wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but being the person doing the licking just makes absolutely zero sense to me. But hey, don’t hate the player, hate the game. Gotta respect this guys dedication.

P.S. This would literally only happen at a Detroit Lions game. Fucking Detroit man. Say what you want but those guys are sick fucks and I’ll take them on my team any day of the week.


Well that was ugly. Like really ugly. Naturally I come out looking like the asshole who was calling that the Browns needed to embrace the future and start Johnny Football and when they finally listen, he goes out there and puts up some pretty atrocious numbers. 10-18 for 80 yards, no touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. That equates to a passer rating of 27.3, which is just not going to get it done against any team. He struggled with everything that people said he would struggle with. Made a couple bad decisions with the football on his two picks, could have easily been intercepted 2 more times too. Also had a tough time eluding the defense with his feet, because players are just much faster in the NFL then they are at the college level. And probably the worst part was that every single time a Bengals player had a sack, they gave Johnny the money sign that he is so well known for. Just blatantly rubbing it in his face that he isn’t cut out for the NFL. Now, all that being said, I’m not going to tuck my tail between my legs and run away from my thought that Johnny Football will be able to succeed at the professional level, and that I think he will be a good NFL quarterback. You can’t close the book on someone after one game, even if that one game was probably the worst I have ever seen a quarterback play on a team that wasn’t the Jets. I watched that entire game. The Bengals played and unbelievable defensive game. They were everywhere on the field. Also, the Browns receivers didn’t do anything to help Johnny out. They aren’t used to having a guy who can make something happen when a play breaks down, so when Manziel got outside of the pocket, his receivers didn’t know how to adjust their routes and get open. That is something that will come with time. You watch the Packers play, and when Rodgers gets forced out of the pocket, he is pointing down field directing his receivers where to go. They have perfected that. The Browns might not get to the level that the Packers do that at, but anything would be an improvement on what happened on Sunday. He’s got the Panthers next Sunday, a defense that is no where near as good as they were a year ago. I am fully confident that Johnny Boy will bounce back and have a good game. He’s a competitor. His legacy is far from over, mark my words.

Report: Cam Newton injured in car accident

camnewtonAPThe Panthers have a new thing to worry about, as if they didn’t have enough already.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a car wreck near downtown today.

Details are few at the moment, but the crash included Newton’s car flipped over on a bridge and another involved, near the intersection of Church Street and I-277, close to Bank of America Stadium.

Dianne Gallagher of WCNC has a photograph of Newton being loaded into an ambulance, and Chris Littman of the Sporting News has a photo of Newton’s truck after it was flipped over, the top flattened.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.

Well that sucks. No word on exactly how badly Newton has been injured but Sportscenter just confirmed to me that he is in the hospital and is being treated by doctors. Bad time to be a Newton owner going into the second week of fantasy playoffs. The Panthers even technically have a shot to make the playoffs considering how bad the NFC South is, so bad time to be a Panthers fan, even though I guess its always a bad time to be a Panthers fan. All jokes aside, we wish the best to Superman Cam, you never want to see an injury, especially when its something as scary as a car accident. Here’s to a speedy recovery from whatever injuries he may have sustained in the wreck.



Cam is looking like he is going to be ok. Definitely no life threatening injuries. As far as being ready to play on Sunday, no word whatsoever on that. We’ll keep you posted. Happy to see a smile on Cam’s face though. 

About fucking time. Back at the start of the season I thought we would see this day sometime around week 5 because I thought that doodoo head Hoyer would stink up the joint and fans would be begging to see their first round pick on the field. Turns out, Hoyer actually started off playing pretty damn good football and the Browns were winning games. Don’t think anyone saw that coming, and since that was the case, it was understandable that Johnny boy found himself on the sidelines. Couldn’t really argue with that given the scenario. But the dawn of a new age is upon us. The Johnny Football era. I can’t fucking wait to watch Johnny football do his thing against the Bengals on Sunday. He’s either going to go off for like 4 TD’s and 100 rushing yards or he is going to get hit so hard on a scramble that his head falls off. And that’s all we as fans can really ask for. Just as a little reminder, here’s a little highlight reel from college.

I just watched that whole video for the first time by the way and even me, Johnny footballs number 1 supporter, am in awe of what I just watched. Those highlights are stupid. It’s like using Mike Vick in Madden ’04, which if you are any type of gamer then you know ’04 Madden Mike Vick was quite literally unstoppable. Just run any type of passing play and immediately pull it down and start running with it towards the sideline. At the very least you had a first down, at best you had a 85 yard rushing touchdown. I remember I was playing my buddy one time and I literally rushed for over 1,000 yards and threw for another 300 or so in one game. With 5 minute quarters. I also onside kicked it every single time I scored because duh. Ridiculous. But I digress. Sunday is a going to be a great day for everyone. Grab some beers and enjoy the ride.



Well that sucked. After what was a promising opening quarter with a recovered fumble that led to an immediate touchdown, the Eagles offensive was stymied by what looked like the best defensive in the league, again. As bad as the Eagles offense was, they still had a chance to get back into the game following a 4th quarter fumble by Marshawn Lynch. Sanchez promptly threw an inexcusable pick on the next play from scrimmage. That certainly doesn’t behoove anyone.

So here we sit, 9-4, holding the tiebreaker against the Cowboys as we prepare to face them for the NFC East title. Survive and advance.

Bears +4 is STEALING

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Lock it up. Throw away the key. Flirt with the money line if you’re feeling randy. The Cowboys are dead. Both emotionally physically and functionally.

Bear down.

Figured it was time to take a second to talk about my favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, and my favorite quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is having an absolute boner maker of a season, currently sitting atop the MVP race. He leads the league with a passer rating of 118.6, more than 10 points better than the next closest QB. Just to give you an idea of how good that really is, only 3 other times in the history of the NFL has someone finished the season with a better passer rating. Last year randomly Nick Foles finished with 119.2, Peyton Manning finished with 121.1 in 2004, and the best passer rating ever was none other than Aaron Rodgers back in 2011, with 122.5. That also happened to be the last time he won the MVP. With 4 games left in the season, including this Monday Night’s game against the worst passing defense in the league, the Falcons, he’s looking to improve on those numbers. Rodgers isn’t leading the league in passing yards, he’s currently sitting surprisingly at 7th, but he is leading the league in passing yards per attempt. Only reason he isn’t higher in passing yards is because we have been absolutely blowing teams out of the water recently and have been able to basically just run the clock out in second half of games. As far as touchdowns go, he has 32, good enough for third, 2 behind Luck and 4 behind Manning (not Eli). But when you look at INT’s, Luck has thrown 11 and Manning (again, not Eli) has thrown 9. Rodgers? Only 3. All three have come in losses, all three have come on the road, and all three were on deflected passes, one in the opening week vs Seattle that went off of Jordy Nelson’s hands, and two coming against the Saints, both after Rodgers pulled his hamstring which greatly limited his mobility, which is essential to his style of play. Now pass deflections are part of the game, so are injuries, so I’m not making excuses, all I’m saying is the Rodgers is deadly accurate with the football. If you watched us beat the Pats this past Sunday, then you saw literally a perfect game by Rodgers. Every single pass he threw was exactly where it needed to be. And he just makes it look so damn easy, that’s the scariest part about it. As good as he has been in general this season, his stats at home are just stupid. When playing at Lambeau, his passer rating jumps from 118.6 to a ridiculous 134.4, and he’s thrown 20 touchdowns and an incredible 0 interceptions. And with our win against the Pats, it’s looking like we’re going to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. That doesn’t bode well for any of the other teams in the NFC, because we are out scoring opponents 245-106 at home this year. All in all, it’s a hell of a good time to be a Packers fan, and I can’t wait to watch Rodgers work his magic the rest of the way.


Oh yea, and if his domination of the entire league wasn’t enough, he’s also fucking Olivia Munn. Why not kick us all while we’re down?


And yes those are actual texts she sent to the last dude who’s dick she was wrecking. Fucking A man