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So, things could currently be going better for our boy Kyrie Irving. The ruthlessness of Twitter knows no bounds, especially when it comes to celebrity gossip. Apparently, Kyrie has been dating some R&B singer Kehlani for awhile now. Back on Valentine’s Day she posted this on Instagram:

The picture on the left was posted on Valentine’s Day expressing her love for Kyrie. Fast forward to today and this dude PARTYNEXTDOOR who is one of Drake’s OvO boys posted the other picture of her in bed with him. Savage move by that guy. There’s just no coming back from a guy named PARTYNEXTDOOR putting his penis in your girlfriend. As someone who tends to speak only in capital letters, I can confirm that this dude is most likely awesome at sex. Research proves that. Thoughts and prayers for Kyrie.


I say this with absolutely zero exaggeration or hyperbole, Anthony Davis is on a fast track to being the next LeBron James. Fuck it, he might be better. He is an inhumane freak of nature. First in the league in rebounds. First in the league in blocks. Top five in scoring. Top five in steals. Basically check all the stats that they actually keep track of and he’s somewhere near the very top. I’ve been sold since about halfway through last year when he started going banana sammich on everyone but now I am whatever is beyond sold.

Davis’ numbers so far this year are straight up cartoonish. 25ppg. 11rpg. 3bpg. Bananas. And don’t look now but Boogie Cousins ain’t far behind him at basically 24 and 12.5. But if you watch Davis play you can just see the outlandish skill set. He runs faster than every big. He blocks shots better than every big. He offensive rebounds better than every big. And now, the scariest part of all of it, he is knocking down the 15-20 footer on a regular basis. This leads everyone with a brain to believe that the three-pointer is no more than 2 years from being a part of his arsenal.

Davis has a very legitimate chance to be what everyone wishes Kevin Durant would be: a TRUE two-way superstar. A long, freakishly athletic, arguably 7-footer who does it all on both ends. I mean we can all agree that Durant’s biggest flaw is that; A. he can’t guard. I don’t mean he can’t guard his position. I mean he can’t guard. He can’t guard 3s. He can’t guard in the post. But he can score the shit out of the ball, clearly.

Enter Anthony Davis. He has already developed an offensive game that is producing at a top-5 clip and that’s without incorporating the type of perimeter game that has made a guy Durant’s size so dynamic. But this season, we are seeing the beginning stages of something I truly believe we have never seen before. A 6-11 gazelle who will eat you throw your shit off the glass on one end and put you in a washing machine on the other.


So, I guess this is technically a bold prediction but it shouldn’t be. Davis will most likely win his first MVP this season as long as the Pelicans can manage to make the playoffs, which they should. They have a decent amount of depth and the trio of Davis, Holiday, and Evans has that type of “go off” potential that can win some games, even in the west.


Mark your calendars and more importantly, tune into some fucking Pelicans games. NBA League Pass is worth the $200 if you buy only to watch Davis (and Cousins) play. Trust me, I watch way too much meaningless NBA regular season.

Totally forgot to throw this up yesterday before the Finals started. Absolutely butchered last round. Looked like a total idiot. In basketball I always tend to follow my heart instead of my head, but whatever. The Pacers should have been able to close out game 2 at home, when they didn’t they lost that series. And Kevin Durant had an unfathomable turnover in game 6 that led to the Thunder losing in overtime. If he did what he usually does and scored on that possession, who knows what happens in game 7. Spurs were definitely the better team though, like I said when I did the preview, I don’t know why I would ever bet against Pop and company. Anyways, time to redeem myself in the Finals. For the record, I was going to say Spurs in 6 from the get go, before the Spurs pulled away late last night and took game 1, which is funny because I think it’s the first time I’ve ever agreed with anything that has come out of Skip Bayless’ mouth, but I give him props for predicting Spurs in 6 for months now. After last night’s game I feel very comfortable with saying Spurs in 6. They are legit like 12 people deep, 9 or 10 of which could legitimately lead the spurs in scoring on any given night. I don’t think people are really appreciating what they are seeing when they watch this team play. I think it is legit one of the best all-around teams I have ever seen play in my lifetime. Every time I see them play I wonder why I would have ever doubted them last series vs. the Thunder. They are a MUCH better team then they were last year, and last year they were one rebound away from taking the series in 6. That has stuck with each and every one of the players on the Spurs throughout the year, most noticeably Tim Duncan, who was on the bench when Bosh got that offensive rebound that led to Ray Allen’s corner three. So when you couple that chip on the shoulder that everyone on the Spurs is playing with their ability to execute Popovich’s gameplans and how well they’e been shooting the 3 throughout the playoffs, I just don’t see them losing this series. Spurs in 6.


PS – How about fucking Bron Bron last night. Leg cramps dude? Seriously? That time of the month for you? It’s the fucking finals. Michael Jordan played with a 105 degree fever in the 1997 Finals, which is like half of a degree away from your brain literally frying, and dropped like 38, including 15 in the fourth quarter, as well as stuffing the rest of the stat sheet. That is why Lebron will never be Michael. He might be more physically and athletically impressive than Michael was, that’s not really even a debate actually because he definitely is, but he lacks the killer instinct that Jordan had coursing through his veins. MJ had the heart of a champion beating every second he was on the court. And I don’t want to hear anything about the AC failing and it was hot. Big fucking deal, not like Bron Bron was the only one playing the heat. Everyone had to deal with it. Maybe if you weren’t sponsored by fucking Powerade he would have been drinking Gatorade and would have been hydrated properly and would have avoided your vaginal cramps. Seriously not a good look at all for Powerade. And apparently Gatorade was facialing Powerade via Twitter last night and it was hilarious.

So being the fantasy genius that I am, I drafted UConn’s own Andre Drummond this year and obviously he is putting up absurd numbers just about 14 points and 13 rebounds per with almost 3 steals and 3 blocks sprinkled in there. All-Star Center numbers no questions asked. Not to mention I got him in the SIXTH ROUND. It’s only a matter of time before Drummond gives somebody the DeAndre Jordan on Brendan Knight treatment.




Just as a reminder, Woody drafted Tyreke Evans and Roy Hibbert in the two previous rounds before Drummond and needless to say neither of them are putting up anything remotely close to what Andre is doing. It is mind boggling that Hasheem Thabeet was the 2nd overall pick in the draft and can’t even get on the floor while Andre just needed one year to get his feet wet and now he is ready to dominate the league. If he can develop any sort of outside shot it’s a wrap.

People may not realize the Drummond was 6’6” literally 5 years ago. He played the majority of his life as a guard. I remember when he came to UConn for an unofficial visit and he was legitimately a guard. He could handle the ball and he could even shoot a little. Then he grew 5 inches in a year and it seems like his hands may be just a bit too big to shoot the way he wants to but he can definitely improve. When he was at UConn it was well documented that he was the fastest guy on the team from end to end. That’s with Kemba Walker on his team. His strides are so long and he is so explosive that the sky is literally the limit for him. He reminds me of Shaq when Shaq was in college. That sounds absurd but if Andre was at UConn right now he would literally be averaging 20 an 20 no doubt about it.

Andre Drummond will have better numbers over the next 5 years than Dwight Howard. You heard it here first.

Normally I do my best to not talk about the Miami Heat, except for how much I despise them, and especially Chris Bosh, but sometimes something comes along that you just can’t ignore, you know? So Bosh was in the news recently because apparently someone broke into his house and stole $340,000 worth of handbags and jewelry or some shit. But that’s not why we’re here, we’re here because of Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne and her ginormous gluteus maximus. She was recently spotted on vacation in Puerto Rico.

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Jesus titty fucking christ! It’s bigger than the fucking baby. I can sleep soundly at night knowing that Lil Wayne made it known to the world that he fucked Chris Bosh’s wife at a concert back in February. That shit was hilarious.



Absolutely love everything about this. According to reports, although the NBA has yet to officially announce anything, there will be a few teams that will be sporting nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of player names. In the past, there has been plenty of PR moves to come up with fresh new jerseys to generate more sales. These include uniforms to honor Latin heritage, retro reissues, short-sleeved jerseys, rebrands and redesigns, and a whole shit ton of “alternate” uniforms. Well, now it looks like we have two teams who will be testing out this new “nickname” idea and see what happens. It’s looking like those two teams to test out new waters will be the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets, who will reportedly wear the uniforms each of the four time they meet this upcoming year. There are enough stars on those two teams to warrant trying this out. “King James” “Flash” “Birdman” “Shuttleworth” “Pothead” “Mr. Glass” “Like A Bosh” are some that come to mind for the Heat. That’s Lebron, D-Wade, Chris Anderson, Ray Allen, Michael Beasley, Greg Oden, and Chris Bosh for those of you who didn’t quite get all of that. “The Truth” “KG” “The Jet” “AK47” “D-Will” are some others of the top of the head that I can think of for the Nets. Again, that’s Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, Andre Kirilenko, and Deron Williams for those of you who are less fortunate. Aside from those, it leaves the door wide open for people to start coming up with hilarious nicknames for each other. However, to avoid this becoming an absolute train wreck of an idea, we must keep in mind one of the 10 most absolute rules of life, according to me at least, which is that you don’t get to choose your own nickname. Ever. So if we can just have team votes on what each other player’s nickname should be, I think this could be fucking hilarious. As much as I despise the Heat and everything about them, I would have a hard time not going out and buying a “Birdman” jersey. Easily one of my favorite players of all time. NBA, congratulations on getting something right for once. Don’t screw this up. Here’s a look at what some of the jerseys would look like.

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So a little while ago I put up a video of incoming freshman Aaron Gordon cramming on some dude. In that article, I mentioned how many people were picking him to be win Freshman of the Year. Well, fuck all those idiots, here’s a look at who I guarantee will win Freshman of the Year: Andrew Wiggins.


People say all the time that “his head was above the rim”, when really its just barely at the rim, or sometimes not even at the rim. This dude is literally above the rim. Like way above. He gets so high he could cock slap the rim if he wanted to. Dude has some serious bunnies. And with his size, strength, and athleticism, he is going to be one hell of a basketball player. In all honesty, you’re probably looking at the best high school prospect since some guy by the name of Lebron James. Wiggins is that good. Just because he’s that good, here’s a look at some of his other highlights.


Kansas is going to be an immediate contender for the winning the national championship the second that he first steps foot on their court. God I can’t wait for college basketball season.