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Apologies for the edited version of this song, but I just find the video pretty funny so I said fuck it. Absolutely love this song, always have. This was one of my favorite songs off of The Beautiful Struggle which came out back in 2004. Talib has always been one of those dudes who flies under the radar but absolutely kills it every time he pics up a mic. That’s all I got for y’all today, got a late start and have to go into work early to deal with some bullshit, which sucks because today was a great internet day. So I guess I’ll just get to those stories tomorrow. God I wish I got paid for this so I could just sit around blogging all day. Yo Barstool, holla at a playa when you see him in the streets. I’m ready to start Barstool East Bumblefuck Connecticut (technically I live in Western, CT, but who’s counting) anytime you guys want.



“Doobie Ashtray” by Devin The Dude is probably a top 10 smoking song of right here ladies and gents. Devin The Dude is flat out the man and I want to hang out with him for a day, or actually for the rest of my days. Couple that with a dope beat produced by DJ Premier, which samples Miriam Makeba’s “Quit It”, and you got yourself a terrific song. This one dropped back in 2002, and can be found on Devin The Dude’s Just Tryin Ta Live. Don’t you just hate when people have the nerve to take the herb out your doobie ashtray. Why’d they do us that way?


Alright here’s the deal. If you don’t love “Seven Days” by Craig David simply for the memories it brings back from the time period, then you suck out loud. Everything about this song is so 2000 it hurts. The music video, the beat, everything. Love the music video. If I got a chance to relive a day that many times do you know how fucking rich I would be? Fucking all Craig can do is manage to get a date with a chick after the umpteenth attempt. And then he still fucks up and spills wine all over her and just cops out and hits the rewind button, all just to fuck a broad. Get you’re shit together bro, why wouldn’t you play the lotto? Fucking idiot. Also, get a little bit of diversity in your weekly routine man. You met the girl on Monday, took her for a drink on Tuesday, then you were making love on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and you just “chilled” on Sunday? That’s all you did? Chill? Jesus. Basically, overall Craig David is an idiot but this song is pure gold and so was the year 2000. End of rant.


A little slow jam for y’all on the first throwback track since what people are now calling “the return”. If you know me at all then you know that Aaliyah was my fucking girl. Absolutely loved her. An absolute tragedy that she left us at such a young age. And Treach from Naughty By Nature most certainly holds it down on this track. If you can’t get down and groove out to this song then me and you probably wouldn’t be friends. RIP Aaliyah, I’m looking for a girl like you sweetheart.


What an absolute classic. E-V-E is a badass bitch. A real ride or die chick. And Gwen Stefani looks good in literally anything. Definitely one of those girls who’s super hot but you don’t know why you think she’s super hot. How about this music video too? Unreal. Hey Gwen, you can’t just leave your car parked in the middle of the street! Can’t help but think of one of the sneaky funniest lines in The Hangover, “Couldn’t find a meter, but here’s 4 bucks”. I miss the days when the Ruff Ryders literally just rode around everywhere on ATV’s and Bikes rolling like 50 deep. Such a fucking power move. Love how Jadakiss is just chilling at the party too. No verse in the song, just kicking it. Barely even gets 2 seconds of face time. And When Dr. Dre comes in at the end and just dumps a pile of money on the officer’s desk I lose it every time. Pretty sure bail isn’t going to be 8 trillion dollars Dre. Relax with the theatrics bro. Anyways, all around great song, perfect Throwback Thursday. Your welcome fuckers.


Side note – Eve’s titty tats are probably the best tats in the history of tats.


Not going to lie I actually forgot that this song actually existed until I spent Monday with two of the most beautiful ladies I have ever had the privilege of knowing. One of them had her Ipod nano that hasn’t had the music changed since back in 2006 on and this song came on shuffle and I absolutely lost it. No joke, when Juvenile’s “Rodeo” came out back in February of 2006, I listened to this song literally every single morning on the bus ride to school. And probably another solid 4 or 5 times throughout the day, in the hallway between classes, when I went to the bathroom, on the way to games, etc. Juvenile is a boss. No ifs and or buts about it. If you think any differently then you should get your head examined.


Absolutely love this song. This was actually the walk out song for my high school basketball team, thanks to the fact that I put that mix together. “Above The Clouds” by Gangstarr is just yet another example of why Guru is one of the most underrated MC’s of all time. There is just something about the way he rhymes that is just different then everyone else. I don’t know exactly what it is, maybe the monotone sound of his voice. I can’t put my finger on it, but he is most certainly the man, and Gangstarr has put out some absolute classics over the years. It was a sad day when Guru passed back in 2010, as yet another terrific MC was taken from this world too soon. RIP Guru, may your music live on forever.