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This one is off of their collaboration album The Collection featuring some of their hit songs from 1999-2003, which naturally dropped back in ’03. Love these dudes.



Finally getting back to an Artist of the Week after that 2 week hiatus. Pretty slow internet day today, so this and that time lapse video is really all I got for y’all, but Cyne is worth it. Cyne (Cultivating Your New Experience) is a hip hop group composed of two MC’s, Akin Yai and Cise Star. They originated in Gainesville, Florida and have remained on the underground hip hop scene for the last decade. They are currently signed to City Centre Offices, and have an album slated to drop later this year. Bottom line is they’re dope. Enjoy. Have a great day fuckers.




This self produced track off of Lost is awesome. Seeing as I am up to see 2:00 in the morning literally every day of the week, I was intrigued by the title. Lyrics and beat are rather fitting if you ask me. Enjoy.


Absolutely fucking (see what I did there) love this track. The guitar on this beat, sampled from Heads of the Family’s “Troubled People”, is perfect. This is definitely the most animated I’ve heard Cool Calm Pete get on a song. Still has the laid back flow, but when you’re song is more or less called “fuck you”, it’s kinda hard to remain calm (see what I did there again). Anyways, you can find this on his album Lost. Enjoy.


Here’s a track to get everyone in the mood for summer 2014, which is looking like it’s going to be one for the ages if you ask me. Loving the sample of Sam & Dave’s “May I Baby”. Getting a little soulful up in this peace.


PS – I fucking love when chicks wear knee high socks. I can’t be alone in thinking that right? Fantastic heinies from all parties involved in that picture.


This one’s off his 2007 EP, Loosies. Fucking sick Inspector Gadget reference at the end of the first verse and sample throughout the song. Throws in a couple wrestling references there too. There’s something about his rhymes that I’m really starting to dig. I think it’s the simplicity of it. As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. “Attack life headfirst, blitzkrieg. Gloves off, beat knuckles, fists bleed. Lead punch, follow through body blow. Crude inside, borderline psycho”.