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Happy Baseball Season

Posted: April 2, 2013 by woody in MLB, Sox vs. Yanks, Sports

Yesterday was a great fucking day for America ladies and gentlemen. Yea, technically the baseball season Sunday night, but I’m a Red Sox fan and they didn’t play until Monday like everyone else so Monday was opening day in my eyes. And what better way to start off the season than a series with the much hated New York Yankees. People are saying that this is a dying rivalry and blah blah blah. Shut the fuck up. This rivalry will never die. Sorry for like the first time in decades that one of us isn’t a favorite to win it all this year. No fans hate each other as much as Yankees fans and Red Sox fans. That’s the way it has been, and that’s the way it will be. Nothing is going to stop that. And what a game it was. Red Sox are back to their old ways with a bunch of a great club house guys who love to have fun. Such a high energy team this year and I fucking love it. Plus John Ferrall back with the squad is going to have our pitching staff back to what it should be. Couldn’t be happier after the last year and a half I had to go through with the Sox. Gotta love baseball season. Sure sign of good things to come. Beautiful weather. What the fuck else could you ask for.





If you know me then you know I’m a fucking die hard Red Sox fan, so it’s been a tough year and a half to say the least. But I finally have something I can smile about as a fan.Youk was a main stay in Boston, a real baseball guy. One of the self proclaimed “idiots” who brought us 2 World Series in 4 years, after going 86 years without one. So for that alone, he will always have a place in my heart. But then he signed with Yankees after being traded to the White Sox. Not gonna lie I was pretty upset about that. I could never understand how someone could go from playing on the Sox to playing for the fucking Yankees, or vice versa. Just doesn’t make sense to me. I get that you want to make as much money or whatever, but I’m pretty sure your going to make millions of dollars a year to play a fucking sport no matter where you go, and whatever happened to a thing called pride. Self respect. Shit like that. Like I’ve said a million times before, that’s just the world we live in I guess. But when Youk showed up for training camp yesterday, he  made some controversial statements, if your a Yankee fan that is, and won me back over. Here’s what he said:

“To negate all the years I played for the Boston Red Sox and all the tradition, you look at all the stuff I have piled up at my house, to say I’d just throw it out the window, that’s not true. I’ll always be a Red Sock. Guys play on different teams and that’s a part of your history; that’s a part of your life and you can’t change that. It was great years in Boston. One bad half-year doesn’t take away from all the great years I had there and all the good things I’ve been able to do along the way and accomplish as a team, as an individual. It was great.”

Fucking love that. Magine your about to get married to some broad (I don’t recommend that by the way) and on the alter, you tell your future wife that no matter what, the bitch you used to lay pipe on will always be your girl. With this rivalry, its basically the exact same thing. That chick would be fuming. Bravo, Youk, you always will be a Red Sock. So quit fucking around and tell the Yankees to suck a fat one and go make millions somewhere else.


Side note: This Keanu Reeves picture is hands down the best picture for memes. Fucking Neo. What a clueless son of a bitch.