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This week’s episode features a guest spot from DJ Sluyter, who recently had an article written about him in some magazine you may have heard of, Rolling Stones, no big deal. Anyways, we talk about things like how much money you would need to be a girl for the rest of your life, would you rather have your dad walk in on you fucking your dog, or your dog walk in you fucking your dad (a familiar would you rather if you are a true fan), the fact that alligators are taking over the world, and a bunch of other silly shit. Follow us on Twitter @einsteinskrypto and shoot us some questions that we will address on air. Peace, one love.



Sometimes when I listen to a Kendrick verse, I actually find myself wondering if he sometimes just forgets to breath. This would be one of those verses. I’ve tried to rap this verse myself about 100 times and every time I literally run out of breath by about the 12th bar. Could have something to do with the fact that I’m a smoker, but more than likely it has to do with the fact that Kendrick is an absolute monster on the beat. Also, shout out to my girl Rapsody. This song is old, but literally everything she touches is gold. It’s not even a matter of where she ranks on female MC’s for me anymore, it’s where she ranks on my list for MC’s period. And she’s a fan of ours here at WeLoveFun, follows myself and the blog on twitter. So go shoot @rapsodymusic a tweet and hit her with a follow, and enjoy you some good fucking hip hop.

Ahh the wonderful world of technology we live in nowadays. It allows us to do so many things. All this information at the tip of our fingers. News readily available within seconds of it happening. But perhaps the best thing that technology gives us these days is pure, unadulterated entertainment. Take Twitter for instance. Athletes and celebrities makings themselves look like absolute retards. People tweeting about getting cheated on is all the rage right now, and they come off looking like assholes. And then we have stories like this one, where you get a 61-year-old basketball coach who has made a hell of a name for himself over his years on the sidelines. One of the more respected coaches in the entire country for sure. Bobby Huggins. He was on twitter, more than likely because he had to be. Just scrolling through his timeline when @getaddictedanal threw up a promoted post about anal porn. So, naturally, old Bobby thought to himself, “well I certainly do love some good old fashioned anal porn, I’m going to go ahead and favorite this. It will only stay between me and @getaddicted anal, maybe they’ll see this and send some poon my way”. Little did Huggins know, that type of thing doesn’t just stay a secret. In fact, its just one click away from everyone finding out. Which is exactly what happened.

Boated Huggins Anal 2

Gotta fucking love it.

Totally forgot to throw this up yesterday before the Finals started. Absolutely butchered last round. Looked like a total idiot. In basketball I always tend to follow my heart instead of my head, but whatever. The Pacers should have been able to close out game 2 at home, when they didn’t they lost that series. And Kevin Durant had an unfathomable turnover in game 6 that led to the Thunder losing in overtime. If he did what he usually does and scored on that possession, who knows what happens in game 7. Spurs were definitely the better team though, like I said when I did the preview, I don’t know why I would ever bet against Pop and company. Anyways, time to redeem myself in the Finals. For the record, I was going to say Spurs in 6 from the get go, before the Spurs pulled away late last night and took game 1, which is funny because I think it’s the first time I’ve ever agreed with anything that has come out of Skip Bayless’ mouth, but I give him props for predicting Spurs in 6 for months now. After last night’s game I feel very comfortable with saying Spurs in 6. They are legit like 12 people deep, 9 or 10 of which could legitimately lead the spurs in scoring on any given night. I don’t think people are really appreciating what they are seeing when they watch this team play. I think it is legit one of the best all-around teams I have ever seen play in my lifetime. Every time I see them play I wonder why I would have ever doubted them last series vs. the Thunder. They are a MUCH better team then they were last year, and last year they were one rebound away from taking the series in 6. That has stuck with each and every one of the players on the Spurs throughout the year, most noticeably Tim Duncan, who was on the bench when Bosh got that offensive rebound that led to Ray Allen’s corner three. So when you couple that chip on the shoulder that everyone on the Spurs is playing with their ability to execute Popovich’s gameplans and how well they’e been shooting the 3 throughout the playoffs, I just don’t see them losing this series. Spurs in 6.


PS – How about fucking Bron Bron last night. Leg cramps dude? Seriously? That time of the month for you? It’s the fucking finals. Michael Jordan played with a 105 degree fever in the 1997 Finals, which is like half of a degree away from your brain literally frying, and dropped like 38, including 15 in the fourth quarter, as well as stuffing the rest of the stat sheet. That is why Lebron will never be Michael. He might be more physically and athletically impressive than Michael was, that’s not really even a debate actually because he definitely is, but he lacks the killer instinct that Jordan had coursing through his veins. MJ had the heart of a champion beating every second he was on the court. And I don’t want to hear anything about the AC failing and it was hot. Big fucking deal, not like Bron Bron was the only one playing the heat. Everyone had to deal with it. Maybe if you weren’t sponsored by fucking Powerade he would have been drinking Gatorade and would have been hydrated properly and would have avoided your vaginal cramps. Seriously not a good look at all for Powerade. And apparently Gatorade was facialing Powerade via Twitter last night and it was hilarious.

Seeing as Monday was Memorial Day, and I spent the entirety of my awakeness (yup just made that word up) drinking and enjoying the sunshine and accompany of friends, like every American should have been, and most of yesterday recovering from Monday’s activities, I haven’t been able to grace y’all with my presence these last couple days. But don’t worry, ya boy is back. Since I’m working with a short week, I won’t be doing an Artist of the Week, instead I’ll just sprinkle in some of my personal favorite songs at the moment throughout the rest of the week. First up, a guy by the name of ANTHM (former artist of the week if you’ve been paying attention), and my personal favorite song by him, “Run To”. Just wanted to take a quick second to shout out ANTHM because I’ve recently had the opportunity to share a couple conversations with him via Twitter and Facebook. I know he’s more of a lesser known artist, for the time being that is, but still, it’s pretty fucking cool that a guy who definitely has a lot on his plate being an MC, takes the time out of his day to talk music with one of his fans. A lot of the bigger names out there could take a page or two out of ANTHM’s notebook and reach out to some random fan, just because. Anyways, here’s 3:38 of some of the most meaningful and relateable (for me) lyrics that you will ever come across.




Always good to see that Culkin is still winning his battle vs. staying alive, no matter how much of a vagrant he looks like. Hard to imagine the guy you’re looking at in this photo was once upon a time the kid we all looked up to growing up, the one and only Kevin McCallister. But the real story here is the complete mind fuck of a shit he’s wearing. Just a nice black and white photo of Ryan Gosling, who happens to be wearing a shirt with a young Macaulay Culkin on it. #mindblown. You know when you like, hold up a mirror in front of another mirror, and the image just reflects on itself about a bazillion times over and it looks as if there is just an endless hall of mirrors? That’s kind of the same thing that’s going on here. Ryan Gosling is everything Culkin would have become is he didn’t start shooting heroin into his dick, and god knows what else, at the tender age of, lets say 12. I would be willing to bet my entire life savings (not really that much) that on the shirt Gosling is wearing, the young Culkin is wearing a shirt with a grown up Gosling on it. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not possible at all Woody you dumb piece of shit”. Well folks, all I have to say to that is this: Obviously, Culkin somehow discovered how to travel in time, probably because he was so fucked up on whatever his drug of choice was that day and accidentally slipped into a wormhole, but nonetheless he discovered how to travel in time. And what did he do? He went back to that first time that one of his groupies said, “Hey Macaulay, wanna do a line of coke with me off of this strippers titties?” and he slapped his 12-year-old self in the face and simply said, “no”. And what was the result of that? Well you know the old saying about the butterfly affect, and I hope you’re ready to wrap your heads around this, but since Macaulay didn’t start going on a 10 year crack binge, he actually grew up and became the guy we know today as Ryan Gosling. Got his name changed at age 16 and became that absolute stud of man. And when he had become Gosling, he went back in time AGAIN with a shirt with his face on it, and gave it to the young Culkin we see on Goslings shirt in the photo above. So, Ryan Gosling AND Macaulay Culkin are, in fact, the same person. A walking, breathing example of what happens when you start doing hard drugs. That’s why I just don’t understand why people can’t just drink and smoke weed. I get PLENTY fucked up on booze and weed. I don’t need to get anymore fucked up than that. You really don’t need to do heroin guys, just fucking relax, roll up a joint, and crack open a beer. It’s gonna be okay, I promise. And BOOM. That’s how you decipher this absolute mind fuck of a photo. You’re fucking welcome.

I know what you guys are thinking. “What could this red headed fucker have possibly done to result in Roy Hibbert being the dominant force that we all expected him to be after last year’s playoffs?”. Well asshole’s, I’ll tell you what I did. I woke up yesterday morning, and all I had heard about for a day plus was what an absolute joke of a basketball player Hibbert was. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was giving him so much shit, including me. Just look back at the Roy Hibbert XBOX controller post I made a few days ago. But you know what I realized? I realized that I genuinely like the dude. And I want the Pacers to dethrone the Heat so bad it hurts. And I know they can if they all remember how to play like they did at the beginning of the season when they were hands down the best team in the NBA. That’s going to people on their team stepping their shit up and manning the fuck up, such as Paul George and Lance Stephenson, but most importantly, it all started with Roy Hibbert. Now that he got his monster game to get back on track, I expect Paul and Lance to get their shit together too. But anyways, back to why I was responsible for all of this. I sent Mr. Hibbert a tweet yesterday morning. It read something like this.


Undoubtedly, my boy Roy checked his twitter right when I sent that to him. And he read it, let it all sink in, then realized, “You know what? This little fucker is right”. And then he went beast mode on the Wizards. And soon, the rest will be history. So Roy, other Pacers, Frank, Larry, Pacer fans, I simply say you’re welcome. I will gladly take season tickets or a large sum of money to repay me for getting through to your big man, but the simple joy I take out of knowing that I helped you guys out is enough for me.


PS – A large sum of money really wouldn’t hurt. I’m looking at you Larry Bird.