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And now we have our fourth episode. Kowboy went out and bought a shit ton of equipment to make us sound a hell of a lot better and lets us do cool things like talk in demons voices and shit. This is definitely the best one to date, and it even features a guest spot form the asshole himself. So sit back and enjoy this hour of debauchery homies and homettes.



This is just a quick tidbit for you guys, even though the asshole touched on it earlier this morning. The asshole will claim to be up $600,000 in sports betting or some shit like that in the last year, but literally any time he ever puts up a “lock” or anytime he personally tells me to make a certain bet instead of another, he is wrong. I don’t care if he shows me the money with a betting slip of how he won it. I will never trust him when it comes to sports betting again and unless you enjoy losing money bet the opposite of whatever he says on this site from now on.