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This week’s episode features a guest spot from DJ Sluyter, who recently had an article written about him in some magazine you may have heard of, Rolling Stones, no big deal. Anyways, we talk about things like how much money you would need to be a girl for the rest of your life, would you rather have your dad walk in on you fucking your dog, or your dog walk in you fucking your dad (a familiar would you rather if you are a true fan), the fact that alligators are taking over the world, and a bunch of other silly shit. Follow us on Twitter @einsteinskrypto and shoot us some questions that we will address on air. Peace, one love.



And now we have our fourth episode. Kowboy went out and bought a shit ton of equipment to make us sound a hell of a lot better and lets us do cool things like talk in demons voices and shit. This is definitely the best one to date, and it even features a guest spot form the asshole himself. So sit back and enjoy this hour of debauchery homies and homettes.


Two episodes into this and I like to think the second one came out better than the first. I know damn well this third one was better than the first two, and the fourth one was the best because of something that will become apparent as soon as you start listening to the fourth episode. We started this one off with a bang, a literal bang if you consider some chick ripping a fart into a camera that sounds like chewbacca’s mating call a bang. Which if you don’t, then you probably aren’t a fan of the type of stuff that we do here, so fuck you. Anyways, here’s our third episode, enjoy fuckers.

Hope you enjoyed that first episode, I know that the sound quality wasn’t ideal, but like I said that was our first time doing anything like that, and we basically were just learning as we went. Also turned out we were talking into the microphones backwards. Whoops. Anyways, here is episode numero dos, and we brought in a special guest for the first time, and coincidentally had our first two guest callers live on air who happened to be completely unplanned. Here we go.