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This week’s episode features a guest spot from DJ Sluyter, who recently had an article written about him in some magazine you may have heard of, Rolling Stones, no big deal. Anyways, we talk about things like how much money you would need to be a girl for the rest of your life, would you rather have your dad walk in on you fucking your dog, or your dog walk in you fucking your dad (a familiar would you rather if you are a true fan), the fact that alligators are taking over the world, and a bunch of other silly shit. Follow us on Twitter @einsteinskrypto and shoot us some questions that we will address on air. Peace, one love.




So this big fucker was caught in Mississippi on Sunday. That catch came just mere hours after another gator was caught, weighing in at 723.5 pounds, which at that point had smashed the old record of 697.5 pounds. Then, just 40 miles north of where that mammoth was caught, this bro and his crew caught the behemoth in the video above. The alligator not only weighted in a 727 pounds, but also measured in at a length of 13.5 feet. Like hey alligator, you’re already a fucking alligator, you don’t need to be that big. Do less bro. Do less.


Side note: Where do I apply to be an alligator hunter. Shit just seems to be about as bad ass as it gets. Magine just lighting up gators with bows and arrows? Fucking sign me up.