Kendrick Lamar Debuts New Song On Colbert Report

Posted: December 18, 2014 by woody in Music
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I know I’ve been putting a lot of Kendrick songs up lately, but that is something that I will never apologize for. He is the absolute man. Let me say this. I’ve personally seen Kendrick perform in person. I was at the Hudson Project this past July in Saugerties, NY, better known as the “Mudson Project” to those who went and stayed the whole weekend. Luckily, I got out of there early Sunday morning to be home to work the longest double shift of my entire life and missed out on the absolute bullshit that ensued do to the copious amounts of rain, but that a story for another time. Back to Kendrick. Although he only performed for about 45 minutes, and I was fucked up on all types of different shit, I came to the realization that this dude is hands down the best live rap performer I have ever seen. And if you go look at his songs he did on SNL when he was the musical guest, and you watch this video, you’ll have to agree. Live performance of rap and hip hop are not an easy thing to do. There’s so much that comes in to play. Being able to keep up with the rapid fire lyrics without missing a beat. Having a good enough band to replicate the sounds that are usually computer generated on a track. Having a stage presence. Kendrick makes all of this look easy. Of course his good buddy Terrance Martin on the saxophone, who has been an Artist of the Week here before, does a hell of a job to help him out, as well as the rest of his band. But this is clearly Kendrick’s, and the way that he commands attention on a stage is eye-opening. Pretty cool that he chose the Colbert Report to debut this new song too, because I, for one, love Stephen Colbert. And it’s even cooler that Kendrick will be the last musical guest to ever appear on the show. All around awesome video. You’re welcome.


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