Johnny Football Did Not Have The Best Debut

Posted: December 16, 2014 by woody in NFL, Sports
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Well that was ugly. Like really ugly. Naturally I come out looking like the asshole who was calling that the Browns needed to embrace the future and start Johnny Football and when they finally listen, he goes out there and puts up some pretty atrocious numbers. 10-18 for 80 yards, no touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. That equates to a passer rating of 27.3, which is just not going to get it done against any team. He struggled with everything that people said he would struggle with. Made a couple bad decisions with the football on his two picks, could have easily been intercepted 2 more times too. Also had a tough time eluding the defense with his feet, because players are just much faster in the NFL then they are at the college level. And probably the worst part was that every single time a Bengals player had a sack, they gave Johnny the money sign that he is so well known for. Just blatantly rubbing it in his face that he isn’t cut out for the NFL. Now, all that being said, I’m not going to tuck my tail between my legs and run away from my thought that Johnny Football will be able to succeed at the professional level, and that I think he will be a good NFL quarterback. You can’t close the book on someone after one game, even if that one game was probably the worst I have ever seen a quarterback play on a team that wasn’t the Jets. I watched that entire game. The Bengals played and unbelievable defensive game. They were everywhere on the field. Also, the Browns receivers didn’t do anything to help Johnny out. They aren’t used to having a guy who can make something happen when a play breaks down, so when Manziel got outside of the pocket, his receivers didn’t know how to adjust their routes and get open. That is something that will come with time. You watch the Packers play, and when Rodgers gets forced out of the pocket, he is pointing down field directing his receivers where to go. They have perfected that. The Browns might not get to the level that the Packers do that at, but anything would be an improvement on what happened on Sunday. He’s got the Panthers next Sunday, a defense that is no where near as good as they were a year ago. I am fully confident that Johnny Boy will bounce back and have a good game. He’s a competitor. His legacy is far from over, mark my words.


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