This Corey Brewer Travel Is The Most Absurd Thing I’ve EVER Seen Go Uncalled

Posted: December 13, 2014 by woody in NBA, Sports

Usually I don’t get to much during the weekends because I’m too busy getting absolutely fucking obliterated during the day and night and hating myself and my life in the morning. As I was sitting on the couch hating myself this particular morning, I happened to see the replay of this and I literally was speechless for about 3 minutes. When I finally blacked in, I texted the asshole see if he had seen what I saw. He had, naturally, and we were both in agreement at how egregious it really was. He literally took 6 steps. He traveled three separate times on the same travel. And it wasn’t called. Sometimes the NBA just leaves me shaking my damn head. Also, I laughed pretty damn hard.


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