14 straight wins. 19-2 through 21 games. Bananas. Perhaps the most banana thing about this banana sandwich is the fact that they are doing this without David Lee. Like, what the fuck do they do when he gets healthy? Are they just gonna trade him? Seriously, you can’t just plop him back in there and mess with their MOJO BABY YEAHHHHHH. Lee is a fucking stud too that’s what makes this so interesting to me. 18 and 10 like you read about. A walking talking living breathing eating drinking shitting pissing double-double machine. As good as he is I really am interested to see how this all plays out.

Steph Curry has become the most fun player to watch in the league (neck and neck with Anthony Davis, duh). The guy is incredible. Stupid range. Stupid handle. Even stupider than stupid court vision. This team is so much fun to watch because you can just tell how much they love playing together. Behind the back passes and alley oops all over the joint. The 18-4 Rockets came into town and got promptly weeny slapped right across the face. Locomotive moving ahead at full speed out in Oakland or wherever the fuck they play.




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