Rajon Rondo Doing Rondo Things, Lance Stephenson Doing Lance Things

Posted: December 12, 2014 by woody in NBA, Sports
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Pretty sure you couldn’t find a better 15 second video showing exactly who these two guys are if you spend the next 500 years looking for it. Rajon Rondo is an absolute dick head. That’s well documented. Nobody really likes him, not his teammates, not his coaches, not me….hell, his mom probably doesn’t even like him. And so, unsurprisingly so, he just throws possibly the most blatant elbow in NBA history right into Lance’s face. However since Lance is known for his outrageous flopping, no foul was initially called. Then Lance get up and throws the weirdest, most subtle punch I have ever seen an NBA player throw into Rondo’s cheek. I don’t even know if it could be considered a punch, much more of a love tap if anything. But after that, both were called for technicals. Just a really strange sequence of events summing up everything you need to know about these two. Lance is just such a weird guy and Rondo is a dick head. Moral of the story here.


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