2014 Forest Hills Drive Album Review

Posted: December 10, 2014 by woody in Music
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Alright so its been a week since I put up J. Cole’s third studio album. When I put it up, I was currently listening to it for the first time myself, so I wasn’t able to really talk about what I thought, more so just give you a some info on it. Well, in the last week, I can honestly say that I have listened to this 13 track album the entire way through about 25 times. Like I originally said, I thought it was going to be very hard for Cole to put out something that I thought was better than Born Sinner because that was one of my favorite albums ever. He absolutely killed it with that shit. And the first time I listened to 2014 Forest Hill Drive I thought he fell considerably short of it. But, as time went on and the stories and lyrics started to sink in, I realized that he has come pretty damn close to repeating his sophomore effort with this project. This album gave us a real look into Cole’s personal life, and what it was like growing up. That was to be expected as the title is the street he grew up on.  It continues the trend that was started on his second album about getting caught up in being “hollywood” and mainstream, and talks about how he is able to get back to his roots and just be himself. As far as my favorite tracks, my top 3 would probably be Love Yourz, G.O.M.D, and Wet Dreamz. Wet Dreamz is just a great sounding song, the lyrics and story couple perfectly with the beat. Its about Cole losing his virginity to a bad ass bitch even though he’s acting like he’s a pro, something I’m sure I’m not alone in being able to relate to. G.O.M.D is definitely the most lyrical song on the album, as he gives us 3 verses of pure gold. Love Yourz is probably my personal favorite track, as he talks about what its like to except yourself for who you are and be proud of that. To stop worrying about what everyone else’s life is like and just love your own shit. Something I have been all for a while now, although it did take me about 20 years to realize it. Its also something that more than a few people could take a lesson or two from. As Cole tells us right from the beginning of the track, “no such thing as a life that’s better than yours”. And as far as my favorite line on the album, that’s always a tough one to come up with but right now I’d say its off of “Fire Squad”, and its not the line that has garnered a bunch of attention when he “calls out” all the white people in the music industry, including Eminem. I think all that was overblown and he wasn’t dissing anyone, he was just stating a fact. But anyways, in the second verse of “Fire Squad”, Cole hits us with some incredible wordplay to start it off.

“My inhibition’s fighting my intuition, premature premonition. Showin me the demolition of these phony niggas, so ahead of my time, even when I rhyme about the future I be reminiscing. You want the truth? tell em come and listen”

That’s just stupid witty. Even when I rhyme about the future I be reminiscing is A+ stuff. As it stands right now, I could give this 4.5 stars out of 5. And I don’t fuck around when it comes with ratings, I would have a hard time coming up with even 10 albums that I would give 5 stars, so 4.5 represents a hell of a performance from my dude J. Cole. Well done big homie. As far as everyone else, go out and educate yourself with some real hip hop. Enjoy.


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