What We Can Learn From The First College Football Playoff Final Rankings

Posted: December 9, 2014 by woody in Sports
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After all the shit that the committee fucked up along the way, I think they did get the final 4 teams right. After Ohio St. went into their conference championship game vs. a potential Heisman winner and a very formidable Wisconsin team and promptly went bananas, winning 59-0, they had to be the fourth team in, even though they definitely had the worst loss between them, TCU, and Baylor. Virginia Tech was a putrid team and they lost to them at home. That’s definitely not a good look. But they had 9 wins against bowl eligible teams and are playing their best football of late, winning 11 in a row. They won their conference championship game, something the Big 12 really fucked up by not having a championship game, as Baylor and TCU got the short end of that stick by being “co-champions”. Do I think that Ohio St. is a better team than Baylor or TCU? No, I don’t. In their defense, I watched Baylor and TCU play a lot more than Ohio St. this year, so that might skew my perception, but regardless of that, they won their power 5 conference and did so in a very convincing way, with a third string quarterback. Impressive to say the least. As far as the other three teams to make it, they were all no brainers. Oregon and Alabama have looked like the best teams all year and Florida St. hasn’t lost a football game in 745 days. Alabama ended up with the #1 seed, Oregon #2, Florida St. #3, and Ohio St. #4. Do I agree with those rankings? I don’t know to be honest. I think Oregon is the best team, I know that much. Alabama played an absurd schedule, so I can see why they would be considered #1. Florida St. has never lost with Winston at QB though, and I don’t give two shits about how they’ve been winning their games this year. A win is a win, and that’s literally all they do. I don’t know why they wouldn’t be #1 after going undefeated for a second straight year in a power 5 conference. So all three of those teams I could make an argument to be #1. The only thing that I can say for certain after these final rankings came out is this. College Football needs to get together this offseason and realize what has become very apparent to everyone with a brain over the course of the year: the playoffs need to be expanded to 8 teams. You can’t sit here and try to tell me that TCU or Baylor wouldn’t have a legitimate shot at winning the national championship if they had made it. You could even make an argument for Mississippi St. and Michigan St. The first four teams out would all have at least a shot on a neutral field vs any of the four playoff teams. And because that is the case, they should be given that opportunity. It’s better for fans, better for the sport, better for the kids out there playing the sport that they love to play. So this is my plea to expand the playoffs to 8 teams. Please.

P.S. Someone needs to put me in charge of making all important decisions on things like this. I don’t know who would do that, I guess Obama or some old rich white guy who actually is running the country, but whoever you are out there. Holla at a playa, I have all the answers.


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