These Bros That Built a Hammock a Billion Feet in the Air Are Such Bros

Posted: December 9, 2014 by snipe in Fun
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Source – It took 14,000 feet of cordage to create what is among the more impressive, odd, and sheerly fun installations in recent memory. Yes, we’re going to call this extreme-sporting nest a work of art. It’s unique and it is uniquely named the “Mothership Space Net Penthouse,” hovering high above the desert in Moab, Utah.

As seen in the photo above by Brian Mosbaugh, the Net was built as an otherworldly place to rest, hang out, high-line, and jump off of with a parachute. 

The creation of the five-sided “penthouse” took three days and a huge communal effort to hand-weave. More than 50 people were involved in the Thanksgiving event, during which Mosbaugh reported “not one athlete was injured or maimed during the duration of such dangerous stunts.”

Check out a video of BASE jumpers launching through the net.

Andy Lewis, a slackliner who once performed in a Super Bowl Halftime Show, was the force behind the Mothership idea. “This all would not have been made possible without the rigging genius of Andy Lewis’s progressive vision,” Mosbaugh wrote.


Bros gonna bro I guess. I’ll admit, I’m pretty terrified of heights. Every time I’m standing up high somewhere and look over the edge I get a little tingle in my toes and scared as fuck. If that makes me gay then stick a cock in my ass. Heights suck. If I ever fell from really high up I’d die and that would be zero fun.


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