Here We Go Ladies And Gents, Johnny Football To Start On Sunday

Posted: December 9, 2014 by woody in NFL, Sports
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About fucking time. Back at the start of the season I thought we would see this day sometime around week 5 because I thought that doodoo head Hoyer would stink up the joint and fans would be begging to see their first round pick on the field. Turns out, Hoyer actually started off playing pretty damn good football and the Browns were winning games. Don’t think anyone saw that coming, and since that was the case, it was understandable that Johnny boy found himself on the sidelines. Couldn’t really argue with that given the scenario. But the dawn of a new age is upon us. The Johnny Football era. I can’t fucking wait to watch Johnny football do his thing against the Bengals on Sunday. He’s either going to go off for like 4 TD’s and 100 rushing yards or he is going to get hit so hard on a scramble that his head falls off. And that’s all we as fans can really ask for. Just as a little reminder, here’s a little highlight reel from college.

I just watched that whole video for the first time by the way and even me, Johnny footballs number 1 supporter, am in awe of what I just watched. Those highlights are stupid. It’s like using Mike Vick in Madden ’04, which if you are any type of gamer then you know ’04 Madden Mike Vick was quite literally unstoppable. Just run any type of passing play and immediately pull it down and start running with it towards the sideline. At the very least you had a first down, at best you had a 85 yard rushing touchdown. I remember I was playing my buddy one time and I literally rushed for over 1,000 yards and threw for another 300 or so in one game. With 5 minute quarters. I also onside kicked it every single time I scored because duh. Ridiculous. But I digress. Sunday is a going to be a great day for everyone. Grab some beers and enjoy the ride.


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