I’m CONNcerned.

Posted: December 6, 2014 by snipe in Sports
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Well, that sucked. We just lost to Yale. In the words of Eric Matthews, YAH-lay. Ivy League dorks. It’s more the fashion we lost that hurts honestly. Yale is a good team. They almost beat Providence on the road. They played good defense. The game was in the 40s for god’s sake. Regardless, these last few games have been an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Losing by 1 on a last second three from the exact same spot two games in a row is literally unheard of. If one of the best players in the country, Ryan Boatright, makes one more free throw, twice, were sitting pretty with 1 loss and a win over #7 Texas. But here we are. Coppin State next before we go neutral court vs. Duke (frightened) and at Florida (who just blew a gigantic lead at Kansas) and then at Stanford (nerds). Like I said, we could very realistically be looking at 5-6 losses before we need to run the table in the conference. Not like it hasn’t been done before in terms of overcoming bad losses. AKA the las two times we won it all. Go Huskies.

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