Huskies Look to Bounce Back Tomorrow Against Those Nerds from Yale

Posted: December 4, 2014 by snipe in Sports
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So, this is going to become a thing. UConn basketball talk. Because guess what? We are the best basketball school in the country and it’s not even close. 4 men’s titles since 1999. 115 women’s titles since 2011. Just pure unadulterated dominance at every turn.

That being said the men are an interesting case this season. After a regular season that ended with a thorough ass whooping at the hands of Louisville somehow led to an absolutely insane run to a National Championship win over Kentucky, this season feels as if they are missing a true identity. With the huge loss of a guy as special as Shabazz Napier was, and someone as stupid as DeAndre Daniels was for leaving for the league (ending up in Spain), the reigns to this team lie in the hands of one of my favorite Huskies in a long, long time. Ryan Boatright. Boat is just flat out exciting to watch. Within minutes of any game you can see why his game has been compared to that of Allen Iverson. Clearly, he is not the caliber of player that AI was but, the playing style certainly resembles him. With something upwards of a 48″ vertical, Boat, standing 5’9″ can throw the hammer down on anyone and everyone at any given time. He also can punch your shit off the backboard if you’re not careful.



Moving on, coming off an absolutely heart breaking buzzer beater loss to 7th ranked Texas last Sunday, the Huskies face the Ivy League dorks of Yale tomorrow night. Should be a nice little bounce back feel good win after such a tragic loss. SHOULD be. Boat turned his ankle TWICE in the Texas game. Transfer and fellow freak of nature Rodney Purvis is also nursing a bum ankle, but is expected to go. Freshman Daniel Hamilton is showing that he is clearly comfortable on the offensive side of the ball and can score at will and in bunches. That being said he turns it over far too often but, he guards the shit out of it. The maturation of Amida Brimah as a big has been beautiful to watch. He is now getting fairly comfortable taking and making the 12-15 footer which, if he can really start to knock it down, is flat out scary. His defensive presence is never a concern as long as he can stay out of foul trouble. Those four guys, if they can stay healthy, are the driving force behind this team making noise come March.


The forecast looking forward is potentially grim. A neutral court showdown with a Duke team that looks as good as any that we’ve seen recently (maybe since that unbeatable one that had its soul eaten out of its chest by Khalid El-Amin an Co. in ’99) will certainly be a big test. Then we go at Florida which is an impossible place to play. And also at a tough Stanford team. We are looking at a very realistic chance of having 4-5 losses before AAC play starts which wouldn’t be all that terrible considering the very real chance of running the table in conference play.


All things considered, with a team this young despite being led by the senior Boatright, we’re looking at anywhere between a 4-8 seed come March. In the meantime, Go Huskies.





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