This Just In: The 76ers Are Really Bad

Posted: December 3, 2014 by woody in NBA, Sports
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Hahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhaha. That’s quite literally all I can say about this team. Right now they sit at 0-17, one loss away from tying the record for worst start in the NBA. Ever. They’ve lost by 20 or more points in 5 games, almost a third of the time. They lost to the Mavs by 53 earlier this month. Fifty fucking three points. That’s atrocious. They currently have 2 first round picks on their squad. That’s not gonna get it done. I know when professional teams are fucking terrible people joke about would the best college team in that sport be able to beat whatever professional team is sucking really bad that year, and I always hate that, it’s a stupid question because it’s just not comparable, you’re putting grown ass men against kids. Even the shittiest pro team would beat the best college team, that’s never a question. Well, until now. I actually think Kentucky would have a legit shot at beating the 76ers. They are putting a D-League squad out there on a nightly basis and Kentucky looks pretty damn unbeatable so far this year. I would pay money to watch that game, something that I wouldn’t usually say when talking about the Sixers this year. They play the Timberwolves tonight, which as luck would have it, are arguably the second worst team in the NBA. But I don’t think that will matter personally, the Sixers are just that pathetic. I have a tough time believing that they will reach double digit wins this year. A couple years ago, the Bobcats set the record for worst record ever with a whopping 7 wins and 59 losses in a shortened 66 game season. I could see the Sixers winning less than that many games, with a full 82 game season. It’s really mind boggling how bad that is. It’s obvious that they are tanking, for what feels like the fifth season in a row. They are the laughing stock of the NBA and honestly the commish should do something about this in the offseason. You shouldn’t be allowed to just fucking blow all year in order to get a good draft pick. It’s bad for the sport, it’s bad for fans, and it’s bad for the players. Anyways, that’s the end of my rant. I truly feel bad for all the Sixer fans out there.



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