Good Thing the CFB Playoff System Makes a Ton of Sense

Posted: December 3, 2014 by snipe in Sports
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1 Alabama 11-1
2 Oregon 11-1
3 TCU 10-1
4 Florida State 12-0
5 Ohio State 11-1
6 Baylor 10-1
7 Arizona 10-2
8 Michigan State 10-2
9 Kansas State 9-2
10 Mississippi State 10-2

So this makes a ton of fucking sense! Good thing we abandoned that terrible horrendous stupid BCS computer game bullshit! We did it guys!

TCU lost to Baylor straight up? Yup. That’s why they’re 3rd and Baylor is 6th. Duh. Florida State hasn’t lost a game since 2012? Not even one? Yeah they absolutely are 4th behind that team that lost to the team that’s 6th; that other team that lost to the team that’s 7th at HOME AS A 24 POINT FAVORITE and of course they can’t be 1st because the team in 1st lost to the team in 13th who got SHUTOUT by Arkansas who isn’t ranked. For sure. Makes perfect sense.
Listen, I’m not about to sit here and try to convince anyone that there is some perfect way to rank 4 teams amidst all of the mayhem that has ensued throughout this college football season. That being said, how the FUCK can a team that hasn’t lost a game in two years, plays in a Power 5 conference, is the reigning National Champion, AND has the Heisman Trophy Winner at QB who, oh yeah, HAS NEVER LOST A GAME. Don’t talk to me about eye tests and style points and ball control and whatever the fuck else Condoleeza Rice and the rest of those geriatric dorks are taking into account.
It’s pretty fucking simple. Florida State is #1. They have yet to lose a fucking game. Alabama is #2. Aside from an incredible game that they ended up losing at Ole Miss, Bama has withstood the brutal test of the SEC and is playing exceptional offensively so, as long as the win the SEC Championship game, they should be sitting pretty at #2. Baylor has to be #3. This is my second biggest issue with this committee and all of their stupidity. Let me raise a question. If one team plays another team in an athletic event and, let’s call them Team A, beats Team B, doesn’t that mean that Team A is better than Team B? I think that’s like the transitive property or some shit. Of course there are exceptions. Like Ole Miss can’t be ranked ahead of Alabama because duh, they have two other losses. Baylor and TCU have the same record. Baylor beat TCU. Baylor #3. Oregon is #4. Everyone thought the Pac-12 was going to be the second best conference in the country this and what’d ya know? It’s stinky poo poo again. UCLA stinks. USC stinks. ASU stinks. Arizona is pretty good but they ain’t beating Oregon again.
The big stink to be made here is obviously what to do with Ohio State. If they go into Wisconsin and get a win with their 3rd string QB then we have ourselves a full blown disaster. If things go as planned and the favorites win their games then the argument for having 6-8 team playoff has to become a reality. How in the fuck can you have something called the POWER 5 Conferences and then create a playoff using only 4 teams.
I’m here to save this dumpster baby of a system that has been created. 5 conference champions. 3 wild cards. Boom. Done.
Also, get Condoleeza Rice the fuck out of my face. Who decided that she knows a single thing about college football? Oh, she likes football? Okay, throw her on the committee.
Gimme two people on the committee: Lee Corso and Lou Holtz. Wildcard city.



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