As the resident Eagles fan here at Fun I figured it was time to take a quick look at the NFC East leading Philadelphia Eagles:


First things first, I trust Mark Sanchez. I realize that may sound crazy. Jets. Buttfumble. Laughinstock. Blah blah blah. I’m not an apologist by any stretch of the imagination. I just truly believe he is good enough to win some games. Are we going to win the Super Bowl with Mark Sanchez as the quarterback? Who knows. But I certainly don’t think he is holding us back from doing so. In this offense, it is just easier to thrive as a passer than in basically any other system in the league. Hence why Sanchez has been over 3 bills in all of his starts. So, Sanchez is not a focal point of any concern in my opinion. Neither is Shady. McCoy is blossoming at the perfect time after a pretty rough opening stretch and is back to looking like the feature back in this league.

My concern is whether or not this team can go on the road and get a win in the playoffs. If things remain the way they are, we’ll have a home game against the Lions to get things going in the opening round. Not overly concerned with anyone at home. Where I get concerned is with Green Bay. After watching Aaron Rodgers basically be perfect against the Patriots it scares the shit out of me that all signs point to the NFC Championship game being played at Lambeau. We saw what happened two weeks ago.

Regardless, I truly believe this team can make it to Arizona. The offense scores in bunches when its clicking, the defense (Conor Barwin is a man) gets pressure on the quarterback and can stop the run, and the secondary/special teams have been making huge plays all season. No reason this team can’t make a push. Would just love for Green Bay to falter so we can somehow get homefield throughout. That’d be swell.


Until then. On to Seattle. Hey, Russell Wilson, what race are you?


NFL: Preseason-Seattle Seahawks at Oakland Raiders


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