Anthony Davis Will Win At Least 5 MVP Awards

Posted: December 3, 2014 by snipe in Sports
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I say this with absolutely zero exaggeration or hyperbole, Anthony Davis is on a fast track to being the next LeBron James. Fuck it, he might be better. He is an inhumane freak of nature. First in the league in rebounds. First in the league in blocks. Top five in scoring. Top five in steals. Basically check all the stats that they actually keep track of and he’s somewhere near the very top. I’ve been sold since about halfway through last year when he started going banana sammich on everyone but now I am whatever is beyond sold.

Davis’ numbers so far this year are straight up cartoonish. 25ppg. 11rpg. 3bpg. Bananas. And don’t look now but Boogie Cousins ain’t far behind him at basically 24 and 12.5. But if you watch Davis play you can just see the outlandish skill set. He runs faster than every big. He blocks shots better than every big. He offensive rebounds better than every big. And now, the scariest part of all of it, he is knocking down the 15-20 footer on a regular basis. This leads everyone with a brain to believe that the three-pointer is no more than 2 years from being a part of his arsenal.

Davis has a very legitimate chance to be what everyone wishes Kevin Durant would be: a TRUE two-way superstar. A long, freakishly athletic, arguably 7-footer who does it all on both ends. I mean we can all agree that Durant’s biggest flaw is that; A. he can’t guard. I don’t mean he can’t guard his position. I mean he can’t guard. He can’t guard 3s. He can’t guard in the post. But he can score the shit out of the ball, clearly.

Enter Anthony Davis. He has already developed an offensive game that is producing at a top-5 clip and that’s without incorporating the type of perimeter game that has made a guy Durant’s size so dynamic. But this season, we are seeing the beginning stages of something I truly believe we have never seen before. A 6-11 gazelle who will eat you throw your shit off the glass on one end and put you in a washing machine on the other.


So, I guess this is technically a bold prediction but it shouldn’t be. Davis will most likely win his first MVP this season as long as the Pelicans can manage to make the playoffs, which they should. They have a decent amount of depth and the trio of Davis, Holiday, and Evans has that type of “go off” potential that can win some games, even in the west.


Mark your calendars and more importantly, tune into some fucking Pelicans games. NBA League Pass is worth the $200 if you buy only to watch Davis (and Cousins) play. Trust me, I watch way too much meaningless NBA regular season.


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