Totally forgot to throw this up yesterday before the Finals started. Absolutely butchered last round. Looked like a total idiot. In basketball I always tend to follow my heart instead of my head, but whatever. The Pacers should have been able to close out game 2 at home, when they didn’t they lost that series. And Kevin Durant had an unfathomable turnover in game 6 that led to the Thunder losing in overtime. If he did what he usually does and scored on that possession, who knows what happens in game 7. Spurs were definitely the better team though, like I said when I did the preview, I don’t know why I would ever bet against Pop and company. Anyways, time to redeem myself in the Finals. For the record, I was going to say Spurs in 6 from the get go, before the Spurs pulled away late last night and took game 1, which is funny because I think it’s the first time I’ve ever agreed with anything that has come out of Skip Bayless’ mouth, but I give him props for predicting Spurs in 6 for months now. After last night’s game I feel very comfortable with saying Spurs in 6. They are legit like 12 people deep, 9 or 10 of which could legitimately lead the spurs in scoring on any given night. I don’t think people are really appreciating what they are seeing when they watch this team play. I think it is legit one of the best all-around teams I have ever seen play in my lifetime. Every time I see them play I wonder why I would have ever doubted them last series vs. the Thunder. They are a MUCH better team then they were last year, and last year they were one rebound away from taking the series in 6. That has stuck with each and every one of the players on the Spurs throughout the year, most noticeably Tim Duncan, who was on the bench when Bosh got that offensive rebound that led to Ray Allen’s corner three. So when you couple that chip on the shoulder that everyone on the Spurs is playing with their ability to execute Popovich’s gameplans and how well they’e been shooting the 3 throughout the playoffs, I just don’t see them losing this series. Spurs in 6.


PS – How about fucking Bron Bron last night. Leg cramps dude? Seriously? That time of the month for you? It’s the fucking finals. Michael Jordan played with a 105 degree fever in the 1997 Finals, which is like half of a degree away from your brain literally frying, and dropped like 38, including 15 in the fourth quarter, as well as stuffing the rest of the stat sheet. That is why Lebron will never be Michael. He might be more physically and athletically impressive than Michael was, that’s not really even a debate actually because he definitely is, but he lacks the killer instinct that Jordan had coursing through his veins. MJ had the heart of a champion beating every second he was on the court. And I don’t want to hear anything about the AC failing and it was hot. Big fucking deal, not like Bron Bron was the only one playing the heat. Everyone had to deal with it. Maybe if you weren’t sponsored by fucking Powerade he would have been drinking Gatorade and would have been hydrated properly and would have avoided your vaginal cramps. Seriously not a good look at all for Powerade. And apparently Gatorade was facialing Powerade via Twitter last night and it was hilarious.


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