Apparently This Is What It Looks Like If You Survive Getting Hit By Lightning

Posted: June 6, 2014 by woody in Actual News

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Everyone knows that surviving getting hit by lightning is pretty fucking bad ass on its own. But I had no idea you walk away with a fucking sweet ass scar from it. Like I’m pretty sure next thunderstorm I’m just going to stand up on my roof wit ha golf club pointed towards the skies and wait to get hit by lightning, because seeing as I’m Bruce Willis from unbreakable I’ll obviously walk away unharmed, but I’ll have a sick fucking tree scar thingy that is 100 times cooler than any tattoo you could get. Plus you can casually be like, “yea that’s just the scar I got when I got hit by lightning” to any chick and there’s basically a 100% chance that she will take her clothes off on the spot and make you have sex with her. I guess this whole phenomena was discovered back in 1777, when German physicist Professor Georg Lichtenberg made a curious discovery. He noticed that when dust in the air settled on electrically charged plates, beautiful tree-like dust figures formed. Lichtenberg believed that these figures showed the motion of the electric field. The figures, which were later named Lichtenberg figures, sparked a great amount of interest in scientists and philosophers because they believed they demonstrated the true nature of the electric field. Here’s a video of some dude hammering the fuck out of Lichtenberg figures, which is pretty cool.



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