Burying Your Date Alive On The First Date Isn’t The Best Look

Posted: June 5, 2014 by woody in Actual News
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So some African dude, who at the moment remains unnamed, pretty much fucked up a first date as badly as you can. Like when you think about a first date – which I guess is a thing still? Didn’t know people still went on dates. But anyways, when thinking about a first date, you go through all the worst case scenarios in your head. Spilling a drink on the chick, trying to squeak out a sneaky fart and have it smell absolutely rancid, calling the girl your ex’s name, cracking a joke that inadvertently deeply offends her…the list goes on. But I bet no one thinks, “gee, I hope I don’t bury this girl alive”. Well, after this fiasco, that’s on the top of EVERYONE’S list. This “unnamed” African bro panicked when Mina El Houari, a 25-year-old he met on Facebook and had been talking to for a couple months, collapsed and lost consciousness during their first date. She was a diabetic. She had traveled all the way from France to North Africa “looking for love”. Unfortunately she came across this dude, who obviously sucks because he actually got like a real woman to travel to another country to meet him and he just assumes shes dead the second she faints and says fuck it and buries her. No attempt to call 911, no wherewithal to check her fucking pulse. This guy must have been having the worst day ever and then his date faints and he just throws his hands in the air and says “why me” then buries a still-alive chick in his back yard. Just an all around bad look. Sucks to suck.




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