Well, well, well. Rangers won in 6. Kings won in 7. Who would have thought? Oh that’s right. Me. Literally the exact thing I said would happen. Shocker. Anyways, on to this fantastic Stanley Cup match up we have on our hands. We have the two best goalies in the league going toe to toe in this one, which isn’t that much of a surprise seeing as goaltending wins playoff games. That’s a little thing we like to call “gravity”. So lets take a deeper look at the two goalies. The Rangers stud between the pipes, Lundqvist, is 12-7 in these playoffs, allowing just over two goals a game, and saving about 93% of the shots that he faces. Quick, on the other hand, is 12-9 in these playoffs, allows 2.8 goals a game, and is only stopping 90% of the shots that come his way. It is also worth noting that each of them have a shutout a piece. So, if we’re going on goalies alone, one would think that the Rangers would come out of this match up victorious. Only thing is, despite how HUGE a goalie can be in the playoffs, you still need to score goals. And the Rangers have scored 54 goals in 19 games, aka 2.8 a game. The Kings 73 goals in 21 games, aka 3.5 a game. They have 5 guys with 15 or more points in the playoffs, including 2 with 20 or more. The Rangers top point scorer has 13. The Kings have two lines that have been absolutely dominant in the playoffs. And because of that, I’m going to go ahead and say the Kings are going to take this series. I usually don’t pick against the better goalie, but since the Kings have an absolute stud between the pipes themselves, and clearly have the better offensive team, I’m saying Kings in 6.


We’ll see ya, be good.



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