The Roots ft. Party Cash – Never

Posted: May 30, 2014 by woody in Music
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Track 2 off of The Roots album And Then You Shoot Your Cousin which just came out on May 19th is an incredible song. This whole album is a masterpiece, not that I expected anything else from these guys. Probably my favorite rap group of all time, although I would have to put some serious thought into that statement before it became “definitely my favorite rap group of all time”. I don’t know if anyone else noticed it or felt the same way, but right at 1:16, that subtle plucking of the guitar string immediately made me think of the intro to American Horror Story, one of my favorite TV shows ever. Anyways, all around great song. Obviously Black Thought dropping gem after gem in his lyrics. “I was born faceless in an oasis. Folks disappear here, leave no traces. No family ties, nigga no laces. Less than a full deck, nigga no aces. Waitin on Superman, losing all patience. Gettin wasted on an everyday basis. I’m stuck here, can’t take a vacation. So fuck it, this shit is damnation”. That dude just has a way with words man.


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