Hey Guys

Posted: May 28, 2014 by woody in Music
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Seeing as Monday was Memorial Day, and I spent the entirety of my awakeness (yup just made that word up) drinking and enjoying the sunshine and accompany of friends, like every American should have been, and most of yesterday recovering from Monday’s activities, I haven’t been able to grace y’all with my presence these last couple days. But don’t worry, ya boy is back. Since I’m working with a short week, I won’t be doing an Artist of the Week, instead I’ll just sprinkle in some of my personal favorite songs at the moment throughout the rest of the week. First up, a guy by the name of ANTHM (former artist of the week if you’ve been paying attention), and my personal favorite song by him, “Run To”. Just wanted to take a quick second to shout out ANTHM because I’ve recently had the opportunity to share a couple conversations with him via Twitter and Facebook. I know he’s more of a lesser known artist, for the time being that is, but still, it’s pretty fucking cool that a guy who definitely has a lot on his plate being an MC, takes the time out of his day to talk music with one of his fans. A lot of the bigger names out there could take a page or two out of ANTHM’s notebook and reach out to some random fan, just because. Anyways, here’s 3:38 of some of the most meaningful and relateable (for me) lyrics that you will ever come across.



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