Time To Get Scientific On Your Asses

Posted: May 23, 2014 by woody in Actual News
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BOOM. Like I’ve always said, time travel is where it’s fucking at. Fuck this universe, I wanna ball out in some parallel universe. Wouldn’t that be some shit? Where like, I don’t know, people are actually “good” and care about one another, doing things to help each other out. Not finding ways to stab other people in the back in order to get a foot ahead of the competition, and raping the planet that we live on so that no matter who ends up ahead at the end doesn’t matter because we’re all fucked. That would be neat. So, according to this guy who is obviously way smarter than any of us, all we need is to find a way to manipulate stars and get some negative energy up in this bitch, which there is PLENTY of in this god forsaken world, and voila! See you later dumb, boring, stupid, regular universe. HELLO parallel universe where all people do is listen to good hip hop, watch sports, relax on the beach sipping margaritas, and get along with each other. Sign me up!


That’s it for today folks, off to real life work in this dumb regular universe. Peace out till tomorrow y’all, since the absolute ASSHOLE of a human being that considers himself my partner in crime on this fantastic website is too busy thumbing his butthole to write ANYTHING AT ALL on here.

  1. jakey bear says:

    i promise he’s my uncle

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