Mitch Richmond Doesn’t Get Enough Love…

Posted: May 23, 2014 by snipe in NBA, Sports

Why don’t more people talk about Mitch Richmond when they talk about the “glory years” of the NBA. Mitch was fucking nasty. Jumpers for days. Hasn’t anyone played NBA Jam? Mitch and Mullin on the same squad is tortilla city. Chicken caesar wrap.

Here is your definitive list of under appreciated NBA studs from years past:

5. Detlef Schrempf – Seattle Supersonics

First things first, Detlef, The Glove and your boy Shawn Kemp were an absolutely diabolical trio. Not to mention Hersey Hawkins dumping jumpers on everyone’s brains. Detlef was the Dirk before Dirk except not as good or as tall or any of that stupid stuff. Served up more facials than Peter North that’s all anyone really remembers. WHITE POWER!

4. Robert Pack – Denver Nuggets (and basically every NBA team that has ever been in existence)

Motherfuckin’ Pacman. You uneducated fucks probably have no idea who this dude is but he used to get BUCKETS back in the day. He was poor man’s Iverson. Well maybe a homeless person with AIDS Iverson but you get it. Pack would put you on a poster and then tell you he fucked your girlfriend and steal your popcorn before you could say God Bless You. The Pacman indeed.

3. John Starks – New York Knicks 


That is all.

2. Tracy McGrady – Houston Rockets, and Raptors, and Magic and now Minor League Baseball

Kind of a weird one to put on this list but the argument has recently arose about T-Mac being a Hall of Famer. When I watch his highlight reel it’s hard to argue against him getting in. Dude was unstoppable. It’s a shame he was riddled with injuries. Fuck you, anatomy.

1. Jason Williams

If you don’t know my obsession with this man than you simply have no idea who I am.

Play #6 against the Mavs might be the best play ever.


P.S. Hey GP, how’re your ankles bro?


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