I Guess I Missed This But Shaq Doesn’t Know Who Mariano Rivera Is And I Find That Hilarious

Posted: May 23, 2014 by woody in Fun, NBA
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So this happened like a week and a half ago and somehow I missed it. Must have been at the bar where I can’t hear these four incredible human beings talk about basketball, which sucks because I almost enjoy it more than watching the games. But anyways, this is just another example of why this is the best group of analysts the world has to offer. Every minute is fucking hysterical. Like hey Shaq, I get you don’t watch baseball or whatever, but Mariano Rivera is literally the best closer of all time. One of the all time greats, who is more well respected than probably any other athlete out there. You have no excuse for not knowing who he is, I don’t care if you have never watched a single baseball game in your life. Incredible. Also, Ernie’s impersonation of Shaq was pretty spot on. Well played Ernie.


PS – I have an honest question for all my welovefuners out there. Is Ernie Johnson part black? I had this discussion at the bar with one of my best friends the other night. He was saying he is 100% whiteboy. I argued that he has to be at least a little black to handle those three guys on a nightly basis. I feel like his impersonation of Shaq only furthers my belief that there has to be a little bit of black in there. I tried looking it up on the interweb but couldn’t really find anything out there slash stopped looking after 2 minutes of Google searching. Anyways, if anyone out there has an answer to my question, feel free to comment and let me know what the deal is. I’m dying to know.

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