11-Year-Old Lucy Li Becomes Youngest Girl Ever To Qualify For US Women’s Open

Posted: May 20, 2014 by woody in Actual News, Golf, Sports
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Yea you read that right. A fucking 11-year-old just qualified for the Us Women’s Open. 11. Pretty sure I was spending hours in front of a computer screen playing Age of Empires and figuring out how to jerk off when I was 11. Little Lucy Li is just doing the damn thing qualifying for tournaments with the best women golfers in the world, most of which are at least twice her age. Just to give you a little insight as to how young she really is, she was born in 2002. When I hear 2002, I still think “oh yea that was a few years ago”. I don’t know why, because it was 12 years ago now, but that’s just my train of thought. She shot a 74 in her first round, followed by a spiffy 68 in her second to put her into the Open. Incredible stuff when you really think about it. Just another sign that the pendulum of World Power is making it’s way back to the far east. Fucking Asia man, fucking Asia.

PS – Crystal Marie Denha can get it. @iamcrystalmarie huh? Look’s like I’ll have to hop on twitter real quick.


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