The Probability That This Kid Is Going To Slay Puss For The Next 30-40 Years Is About 100,000%

Posted: May 19, 2014 by woody in Fun, MLB, Sports
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Alright so apparently WordPress is whack as fuck and won’t let me upload the video via any of the media outlets I attempted to. Not really sure what the deal is with that, they should probably get their shit together. I should be able to put a vine on this, or an video. But whatever. Here is the link to the video that you have to check out. Honestly the smoothest move from a little kid I’ve seen since Squints stole a smooch from Wendy Peffercorn, who by the way was an absolute smoke. Been giving little kids boners since ’93. I would be sort of mad at the fact that this kid is going to be stealing grade A poon from the rest of us dudes, but honestly the flawlessness of his move left me speechless and unable to do anything except respect the fuck out of his game. It’s a sad day when you come to the realization that a 10-year-old has smoother moves with cute chicks, OLDER CUTE CHICKS than you do, but I can’t hate. Got nothing but love for this little stud in the making. Keep doing you bro. Keep doing you.


PS – I would bet my life savings on the fact that this kid got a handy from that girl during the 7th inning stretch in some random bathroom stall. Had to, right? Literally no other outcome from pulling off the old hidden ball trick.


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