NHL Playoff Check In

Posted: May 19, 2014 by woody in NHL, Sports
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Ehhh didn’t do so well with the NHL compared to the NBA, but it still wasn’t too far off. And like I said I didn’t watch as much hockey as I usually do this year. Bruins fucked me when they decided to just not score goals in the last two games of the series, close out games for them, I might add. Thanks a lot dicks. Kings took an extra game, the Blackhawks somehow managed to lose two games to the fucking Wild, which I’m still trying to figure out, but still took the series. And the Rangers did end up coming out on top, because, like I said, Lundqvist took over and that is a series changer. Penguins had every opportunity to close out that series but they’re basically a bunch of pussies, so they didn’t. Anyways, onto the Conference finals.

Rangers vs. Canadiens

What an offensive outburst from the Rangers on Saturday. 7 fucking goals? I was working during the game and I felt like every time I looked up from whatever I was doing, the Rangers were scoring another goal. It was insane. The only thing I worry about for the Rangers moving forward is if they just used up all their goals for the next few games. But I mean, if Lundqvist keeps paying the way he has been as of late, the Rangers will be just fine. And truthfully I feel like he will. Fucking hate both of these teams so I really don’t give two shits about who wins. I wish they could both lose. Canadiens have the speed, Rangers have the goaltending. Goaltending wins playoff hockey games, so I’m going to go with that. Rangers in 6.


Blackhawks vs. Kings

This series is actually pretty similar to the Canadiens/Rangers one, except its with teams that I actually like. Kings have the goaltending with Quick, who is a stud and has always played like one in the playoffs. Blackhawks are the fastest team in hockey, and they have some serious playmakers and scorers. Honestly I hope that its either Hawks vs. Canadiens in the Stanley Cup or Kings vs. Rangers, cuz then we would see speed vs. speed and goaltending vs. goaltending. So since I went with the Rangers in the first matchup, I’m going to go with the Kings in this one, even though they lost game 1 and even though I think the Blackhawks are the better team. Kings just always have a knack for turning it on when it matters most. Kings in 7.


See y’all when Lord Stanley shows face.

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