NBA Playoff Check In

Posted: May 19, 2014 by woody in NBA, Sports
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Well, pretty much nailed everything other than that Heat/Nets series. Couple things go the Nets way towards the end of game 4 and 5 and were probably looking at a game 7 for the ages, but shit happens. That’s sports for ya. Not like I would have put money on the Nets winning the series anyways, like I said the Heat would more than likely win in 6, they won in 5. Would have loved to have seen that game 7 though. Thunder won in 6, like I said. Spurs got it done a game quicker than I figured they would, but everyone knew who was coming out of that series. Pacers gave game 1 away at home, didn’t see that coming, so they took an extra game to finish off the series then I thought they would. All in all a great second round of basketball though. So now we’re down to the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Can’t fucking wait to see what unfolds.


Pacers vs. Heat

Even before I saw the Pacers and how well they played yesterday, finally looking like the team I knew that they could be if they just got their shit together mentally, I would have said Pacers in 7. Now I’m even more convinced of that after seeing the Pacers play probably their best game of the year, given the circumstances. They dominate the Heat at home, and since they managed to hold on to that #1 seed heading in to the playoffs, I think they should be able defend home court and come out of the series on top. They just flat out match up very well with the Heat. Pacers in 7.


Spurs vs. Thunder

Truthfully I have no idea what’s going to happen here. The Spurs are the fucking Spurs, you know they are always going to come with their A game. Incredibly well coached team, seemingly healthy all things considered, their bench is playing out of this world in these playoffs. But then you have the Thunder, who happen to have two guys buy the name of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant is virtually unguardable, but we all know the love I have for him. Russell Westbrook is hands down the most athletic point guard in the league now that D-Rose is…well, dead, for lack of a better term. And he is a lethal scorer considering his position. The big question mark with them now is what the fuck is the deal with my boy Iblaka Flacka Flame. According to recent reports, the Spurs don’t believe that Ibaka is really not going to play. According to their players, they’ll believe he’s done for the year when they see it. The type of injury that he sustained basically comes down to whether or not he can play with the pain. He won’t do any more damage to his calf by playing on it, but at the same time he obviously won’t be 100%. And for a guy who has lead the league in blocks for the past 4 seasons, being at 100% is a huge part of his game. He is obviously the Thunder’s third best player, so if they have to carry on without him, they are going to have a tough time beating a team as good as the Spurs. Caron Butler and Reggie Jackson are going to have their hands full replacing those points, but with the Thunder’s depth at the 4 and 5, I think defensively they should be able for the most part fill in for his defense. If Ibaka is in fact done, I think Steven Adams instantly becomes the X-factor in the series, which is funny to think about because I literally had no idea who he was a couple months ago. With the Thunder, I think I would say Thunder in 7. They’ve been my favorite to win it all for a couple years now but haven’t been able to get it done yet. I think this could finally be their year. Without him though, I wouldn’t put money on the Thunder advancing to the finals. As much as I respect the shit out of the Spurs, and honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they did win the series, I think I’m going to stay with my boys on this one. Although I definitely would not bet on it, I’m saying Thunder in 7.


Final check in will follow the conference finals. Here’s to seeing some awesome basketball these last few weeks. Peace y’all.


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