So I Guess Sperm Back In The Day Was Pretty Big

Posted: May 15, 2014 by woody in Actual News
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That’s sperm from 17 millions years ago, found recently in the fossil of a crustacean. Notice how large it is. It was actually, in fact, bigger than the crustacean that it produced.




That’s just your everyday, run of the mill jizz that you undoubtedly have fired off at unsuspecting titties (or into a sock, or whatever kids are doing these days). Not even CLOSE to the size of the ancient knuckle children. Don’t really know what to make out of any of it to be honest. When I saw the link I figured there would be some awesome epiphany that scientists concluded from this discovery, but basically animals just had super-sized cum back in the day. That’s all I got for you guys. We’ll see ya, be good.


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