Apparently Cars That Get 2,824 MPG Are A Thing

Posted: May 12, 2014 by woody in Actual News
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So yea, I guess Shell holds an Eco-marathon Americas competition, a yearly contest that pits teams of students against each other in a race to build energy-efficient vehicles, and this is the car that won. The winning team came from Université Laval in Quebec, and has done so in five of the last six years, which means one of two things. 1) They are cheating scum, or 2) They’re a bunch of nerds. Considering this photo:


I’d say that the second guy to the right, fourth guy to the right, and the two kids to the right of the girl in the middle are absolute cheating ass mother fuckers, because they look like people who you would actually see out doing normal things. The rest of them are obviously fucking nerds. No chance they’ve ever gone further than an OTPHJ in a relationship, IF they’ve even had a relationship in they’re lives.

Anyways, back to the car. Yea it gets enough gas mileage to travel from New York to California on less than a gallon of gas. I guess that’s pretty nifty. But other than that, seriously this thing is a piece of shit. It can fit one person (sick) and they have to be laying down because the thing only comes up to your knees. Total buzz kill. Plus, nowhere in the article does it say anything about how fast this thing can go, which means that it can’t go fast. At all. I would guess that it tops out at about 10 miles an hour. Which I can easily run. Backwards. Plus not to mention if you hit even a squirrel with this thing you would be beyond dead. So all in all, fuck this thing. Not buying it literally or figuratively. And fuck this team of students. Do something that actually matters with all your fucking nerd knowledge.


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