Charles Barkley Is Hands Down The Most Entertaining Person On TV

Posted: May 8, 2014 by woody in Fun, NBA, Sports
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I was watching TNT last night after the game and I just sat there in absolute awe. Literally couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I could watch Charles Barkley all day. When you look up entertainment in the dictionary there’s a gif of Charles stuffing churros down his throat. I actually thought Shaq was going to fall off his chair and die from laughter. Here’s a recap of just a little bit of what went on last night.


If that isn’t Emmy Award winning television then I’m better than Mike Trout at baseball. It wasn’t in this video but right before this he was blatantly saying he wasn’t even going to watch the Nets/Heat game because he wanted to see the draft, when Ernie and crew were trying to give a shout out to their boys over at ESPN 2 and promote the game on their network. The two best parts of this were 1) when Charles did the churro AND Shaq soda combo, pretty sure I saw that exact move when I was jerking it last night. Just double fisting like you read about. And 2) when Barkley kept saying, “you know Victoria is a secret down there”. You can’t make this shit up. You just can’t. Charles Barkley – 1,000 Everyone Else – 0.


PS – I’m not even the slightest bit joking when I say that I could watch Charles Barkley all day. Like this entire crew should just have a show year round, I don’t even give a shit what they talk about. Have like free throw contests with random celebs or play a game of fucking Monopoly. I would watch them play shuffle board for christ sake, because it would be pure gold. Love the TNT crew.

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