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Posted: May 8, 2014 by woody in NFL, Sports
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So the asshole finally decided to show face. And that can only mean one thing. Time to continually win the internet, day after day, night after night. In regards to his NFL Draft preview, I agree wholeheartedly that the Texans need to either draft Johnny Football or trade down and grab a guy like Bortles. Yea, having Watt and Clowney coming at you from both sides is enough to give me nightmares and I don’t even play in the NFL, but you can’t win games without a QB. They already have two legit WR’s, an elite running back, and a solid defense with good coaching. That is the perfect scenario for a rookie QB to go into and immediately start winning games. I’m on Johnny Football’s side when he says whoever passes on him will regret it. Yea, he is an unconventional quarterback who doesn’t make the right football play sometimes when he tries to throw into double, triple, or sometimes even quadruple coverage. But you know who else used to do that. A guy by the name of Brett Favre, you might have heard of him. When it comes down to the brass tax, Menziel is going to do whatever it takes to win games for the team he plays for. There’s guys that love to win and there’s guys like Menziel, who despise losing. That’s the kind of guy I am, and that’s the kind of guy I would want on my team. Because that’s the kind of guy who is going to leave it all on the field, day in and day out, no matter what the circumstance. Yes, I’ll admit he is a high risk, high reward kind of guy, but in my opinion the reward outweighs the risk. So Houston, don’t be ignorant and take the best overall player in the draft just because he’s the best overall player, take the guy who fits your current team and who has the chance to be a terrific franchise QB. Not to mention the BILLIONS of dollars you would instantly make with a guy like Johnny Football. Kid is a marketing dream. As far as the rest of the draft goes, I’m going to be looking at two guys who I think will be an instant success in the NFL on the offensive side. First is my boy Sammy Watkins. You can go ahead and write it down that he will be Rookie Offensive Player of the Year. He is as explosive of a WR as you will see. Unfortunately they’re saying he’s going to go to shit teams like the Browns and the Raiders, but we’ll see what happens with trades and what not. I’d love for him to slip a couple spots and end up on a team like Falcons or the Lions. Imagine having to deal with Calvin Johnson and Sammy Watkins lining up on the opposite side of the ball? No thank you. And the second offensive guy is Eric Ebron, from my favorite college in the country, UNC. Hands down best tight end in the draft. Has Vernon Davis type athleticism, which is rare as shit for tight ends. He does have some character concerns, such as his focus issues and knowledge of the game, but those are all things that can be taught. You can’t teach his kind of athleticism. I hope that he does slip because of the character concerns to be honest. The Packers are currently sitting pretty with the 21st pick. Most of the mock drafts that I have looked at have him anywhere between 9th and 18th. Obviously, with the 21st pick, that’s not going to work to well for my Packers, but they have the ability to trade up and scoop him up if he slips a couple spots down towards the 18th pick. And considering Finley basically died on the field last year, I’d say TE is a pretty important position for the Packers to address, and with a guy like Rodgers throwing him the ball, the sky would be the limit for Ebron. Here’s to hoping, this is definitely the most excited I’ve ever been for an NFL draft that I can remember. Let the games begin.




God I hope none of the offensive studs end up on the Browns. What an absolute joke of an organization.


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