Roger Federer’s Wife Gives Birth To Twins….Again

Posted: May 7, 2014 by woody in Sports
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Well there’s something you don’t see every day. Two separate sets of twins coming out of the same pooter. When I read this headline I almost didn’t even think twice about it and went about with my day, but then a thought to occurred to me. Federer is arguably one of the greatest tennis players of all time. If not the best, then most certainly on the short list. He now has two sets of twins. The first, girls, who were born five years ago, and now a set of boys on the way. Let that sink in for a moment. Ever heard of the Bryan brothers? There twins who play doubles and have won like 30,000 straight matches or some shit like that. Federer now has two pairs of little hims, one set of girls and one set of boys, that he will undoubtedly train to take over the world via tennis double matches. Like his kids are going to win every doubles match the world has to offer for the next 50 years. I wouldn’t be surprised if his girls are already competing at Wimbledon by the end of next year, at the tender age of 6. And don’t even get me started on how they will play together in the mixed competitions when the set of boy twins pair up with their older sisters. Game. Set. Match. Might as well just name Roger Federer president of planet earth now and save us all the time.



Literally has nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh.


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