This “Roy Hibbert Edition” XBOX Controller Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Posted: May 6, 2014 by woody in Fun, NBA, Sports
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I know I said that was it for me today, but that was before I saw this.



So spot on it hurts. I obviously don’t understand what the fuck is going on with this guy. Has all the tools to be top 3 centers in the league. Has the size. Has the ability. Just literally forgot how to play basketball. I know I said it before but at this point I legitimately think he had his talent stolen by the Monstars. Or he’s just been taking to much basketball advice from Bynum. There’s no other possible explanation. At this point I would rather play Bynum, and that’s saying A LOT. Can’t do much fucking worse than zero points and zero rebounds. When I scored as many points and had as many rebounds as an “all star” center in a playoff game when I was actually sitting in a bar slamming down jack and cokes and dominating the field in useless trivia knowledge, AKA not playing in an NBA playoff game, then I think it’s safe to say that there’s a problem. But on to the “special edition” controller, A+ all around. Just have rebounding, blocking, and boxing out disabled. Both A and B being “miss shot” is perfect. “move to bench”, the pause menu so you can sub out Hibbert, and the “cheer teammate from bench”. Hilarious. But what sealed the deal for me was throwing in “toggle box score to confirm you have no points or rebounds”. I laughed for probably 5 straight minutes at that. Like seriously Roy Hibbert, I’m on your side bro. I’ve had you on my fantasy basketball team the past 3 seasons, because I know you have the ability to be a dominating force. This is all in your head man. Get your shit together and be the spark that brings the real Pacers back instead of waiting for someone else to be the spark that brings the real you back. Now I’m really out for good. Peace y’all


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