The Illuminati Talk is Back in Full Force

Posted: December 17, 2013 by snipe in Actual News, Music
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Yahoo – Celebrities have influence, that’s not an arguable fact. However, there is a part of the world that believes certain famous faces yield more power than others. This power, they believe, stems from the backing of an ancient German secret society that quietly rules the world: the Illuminati (yes, the same group Tom Hanks sought in “Angels & Demons”). The mysterious sect is thought to be a front for the rise of the Antichrist– the Devil’s all-seeing eye triangle is their universal sign — and is often accused of masterminding large-scale events (think President JFK’s assassination) in an attempt to establish a New World Order, in which they can rule. 


I feel like every year this shit comes out and everybody poops their pants about it. I don’t get it? Who gives a fuck? So a bunch of people that make a bagillion more dollars than all of us per year may or may not believe in the Freemason lifestyle and all that jazz. Woop dee dooooo Bazzle! How the fuck does this affect any of us?

Serious question. If you were in their shoes would you do anything different? Fuck I know if I had a billion dollars I’d have a fucking sanctuary for a house guarded by 400 foot stone walls and a gang of lions and tigers protecting me straight up eating anyone who dared to enter the premises. No exaggeration. I’ve said it for years. I’d live at the end of a culdesac (sp? I gave it my best shot) and have a gigantic wall and a pet lion named Leo that would eat any bandits. People would be like “yo, don’t fuck with that dude at the end of the block or his lion will eat you alive.”

I guess my point is that yeah maybe there are some interesting signs pointing towards some sort of society or some sort of subliminal messaging going but none of us can change it so let’s just sit back and sulk about how our lives suck and all the beautiful rich people are sitting around drinking out of 24 carrot gold chalices and wiping their asses with million dollar bills. Yeah.


P.S. Jay-Z literally already told us that he’s illuminati like 20 years ago. So, yeah, let’s just face the facts people.

P.S.S. If you didn’t think Barack and the rest of the government was up to no good then you, sir, are an ignorant boob.


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