Turns Out Ants Are Pretty Cool

Posted: December 13, 2013 by woody in Fun
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So I stumbled on this video earlier today of some dude pouring molten aluminum into an ant hole, waiting for it to harden, then digging it up and cleaning it. Actually came out with a pretty cool piece of art.


Then, when the video ended, I saw this one in the related videos section.


And now I’m just sitting here like what in the fuck. Personally I had thought that ants sucked. They’re always just crawling around being dick heads, biting you or just being gross. Turns out I was wrong. They’re actually pretty fucking sick. That fucking city or whatever you wanna call it that they solidified with cement and unearthed is ridiculous. The equivalent to building the Great Wall of China, according to whoever was talking in that video. Don’t know what his credentials are, but with an accent like that I can’t help but believe him. Its crazy to think that all those fucking ants can think as one and make that baller ass crib for them to live in and carry around dirt and whatever else fucking ants do when they’re underground. Pretty fucking impressive if you ask me.


Sidenote – Have you ever taken the time to just sit back and think about how many fucking ants there are in the world? Like, when I step on a pussy little ant hill, not even close to the size of the ones in those videos, no less than 6 million ants come racing out of the ground and just run around like assholes. And that’s just one little ant hill in my yard. Times that by however many times the Earth is bigger than my yard and you’re looking at like, I don’t even know how big of a number. A zillion? Is that even a real number? If not it should be. Fucking ants man. Blowing my mind right now.


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