What an absolute classic. E-V-E is a badass bitch. A real ride or die chick. And Gwen Stefani looks good in literally anything. Definitely one of those girls who’s super hot but you don’t know why you think she’s super hot. How about this music video too? Unreal. Hey Gwen, you can’t just leave your car parked in the middle of the street! Can’t help but think of one of the sneaky funniest lines in The Hangover, “Couldn’t find a meter, but here’s 4 bucks”. I miss the days when the Ruff Ryders literally just rode around everywhere on ATV’s and Bikes rolling like 50 deep. Such a fucking power move. Love how Jadakiss is just chilling at the party too. No verse in the song, just kicking it. Barely even gets 2 seconds of face time. And When Dr. Dre comes in at the end and just dumps a pile of money on the officer’s desk I lose it every time. Pretty sure bail isn’t going to be 8 trillion dollars Dre. Relax with the theatrics bro. Anyways, all around great song, perfect Throwback Thursday. Your welcome fuckers.


Side note – Eve’s titty tats are probably the best tats in the history of tats.

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