These Guys Are Pretty Good On A Mountain Bike

Posted: December 11, 2013 by woody in Sports
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For all my regular readers out there, I’m sure you’ll remember the video I put up the other week of Danny MacAskill doing some pretty cool tricks in a life sized kid’s room. Well, he’s back at it again, and this time he brought along his buddies Chris Akrigg and Martyn Ashton. First things first, I need to bike down a waterslide and I needed to do it yesterday. That’s just #smart. Secondly, literally rock climbing while on a bike looks like the hardest thing ever. Lastly, I take that last statement back, rolling backwards down a hill balancing on your front wheel is definitely the hardest thing ever. Rock climbing while on a bike can sit safely at #2. I wish I was as good at anything as Danny MacAskill is at being on a bike. Also, MacAskill has got to be in the running for best last name ever, right?


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