6-Year-Old Suspended For “Sexual Harassment”

Posted: December 11, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Yahoo! News:

A 6-year-old was suspended from school in Canon City, Colo., after kissing a girl on her hand. School officials said the smooch was sexual harassment, KRDO reports.

Hunter Yelton reportedly had a crush on a female classmate. So he planted a smooch on her hand as a way to show his affection. A smooth move, no doubt. Unfortunately for Hunter, the school didn’t agree. The kiss was seen as a kind of harassment. Hunter was sent to the principal’s office and suspended.

Hunter’s mom Jenny Saunders told KRDO that the subject of Hunter’s affection was OK with the kiss. Other kids told the music teacher about the sneaky smooch.


Jesus fucking Christ. Will someone please explain to me how one of the smoothest, gentleman-like moves of all time (kissing a girl on the hand) can possibly be considered sexual harassment? Under normal circumstances that’s fucked, but how about when it’s two first graders? They shouldn’t even have to know what sexual harassment is. They’re fucking six. They should be worrying about shit like how to get from one side of the playground to the other side without touching the lava. Not coming home from school asking their mommies and daddies about what sexual harassment is. No one need’s “the talk” when they’re that young. The younger generation is fucked enough as it is, I’m appalled that grown adults would allow something like this to happen, which is only going to fuck these kids up even more. Before you know it little Johnny is going to be fingerblasting Susie underneath the slide before recess is over. Don’t worry Hunter, you are the man. I’d drink beers with you. Well, in like a couple two tree years maybe.



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