Apparently There Is Some Dude Going Around Restaurants In New York Tipping People Thousands Of Dollars

Posted: December 10, 2013 by woody in Actual News
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Yahoo! News:

The generous mystery tipper who has been leaving waiters and waitresses across the country thousands of dollars in “Tips for Jesus” — and stamped with the @tipsforjesus handle — was identified by a New York City waiter as Jack Selby, former PayPal vice president.

Aruj Dhawan, a waiter at Bo’s Kitchen, told the New York Post that Selby and two other patrons gave him a $1,000 tip on a $111.05 bill.

“As I was about to drop the check off, one of the men said they would ‘make my night.’ They called me over, gave me the check,” Dhawan told the Post. “I was amazed … I was just really thankful.”


So this is news to me. I had no clue there was some dude just throwing down thousands of dollars for tips. Anyone who knows me knows I am a phenomenal tipper, because I have been working in the service industry since I was 15 and I know that is where these people make the majority of their money. Like you have to seriously suck at your job to not get 20% from me, and if you do a good job you’re more than likely to get somewhere around 25% or 30%. Bartenders I tip like 40%-50% because they always remember that and you more than make up for it in free drinks and never being ignored when it’s busy. But I was blown away when I read this article and saw there was some dude going around the city tipping outrageous amounts of money and lust leaving a twitter handle behind that said @tipsforjesus. $3,500 was left on a $391.95 bill, $7,000 on a $2,994.61 bill, $3,000 was left on an $87.88 bill, $2,000 tip was left on a $215 meal, $5,000 on a $214.75 check. Those are just some of the others that have been popping up around the city. So the guy was finally identified as Jack Selby, who made a butt ton of money when he sold PayPal to Ebay. When asked why he was tipping so much, Selby simply said, “Just because”. PAH! Talk about a boss fucking move. Good to know that there’s still some people out there with a lot of money that are still decent human beings. Not that you have to tip thousands of dollars on a tip, but the fact that he does shows that he understands the everyday struggle a lot of us go through, and he realizes that he has plenty of money to live comfortably, so why not help out others in need, instead of buying that second Benz or that third vacation home that most rich people worry about. Score one for the good guys.




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